We are seeking Ridgeback lovers who are willing to open up their homes and their hearts temporarily to foster an unfortunate rescue whilst a new owner is found.

Quite often our Rescue Ridgebacks need one to one care. This might be for a variety of reasons but often it is because they are a little too old for kennels or because they have had to have medical treatment while with us or prior to coming to us, and require a home environment to better recover.

Fostering can be very rewarding and might be something that would suit your lifestyle. The Ridgeback in need would be looked after in your own home and be treated as part of your family while we find a forever home. We would cover the vet bills, provide an ID Tag and always be at the end of the phone if you need us. In return, we would ask that you supply love, affection, suitable exercise (but not off the lead), a little training and updates. 

The fostered Ridgeback will benefit from your time and care and from being in a home environment rather than kennels. It also helps with re-homing as we will know so much more about them.

The foster carer must be willing to take the foster dog to kennels to meet potential new owners or allow a meeting to take place in their own home.  Our aim is to ensure that dogs do not stay in foster care longer than necessary.

If you think it is something you might like to consider please contact Julie at julie@ridgebackrescue.co.uk to have a chat. We can then arrange a home check and find out what sort of fostering would suit you.