Rehomed Ridgebacks 2022

As people started to return to work at the beginning of 2022, so it was that we began to see many adolescent Ridgebacks being surrendered; a direct result of teenage Ridgebacks who are now large, bouncy and with little-to-no manners or training to speak of who were purchased when their owners were working from home. Without socialisation or training classes, these cute pupsters soon became a liability and, in the wrong hands, really were quite a handful. We find ourselves in the tricky position of locating knowledgeable, experienced homes with people willing to put in the work that these teenage hoodlums require!

Narla - Sheri's sweet pea

Due to personal reasons, Narla’s former owner was unable to keep her. Heartbroken, he contacted us to find her a brand new home to be with people who would love and appreciate her as much as he did. She ended up in a very rare position – while we were looking for somewhere for her to stay she came to stay with our own trustee – Sheri. Sheri’s had dogs for years and sadly lost hers quite recently. With a pairing made in heaven the two got along like a house on fire and it will be interesting to see whether this “foster” will turn into a rehome as the two bond more.

UPDATE: Sheri formally adopted Narla at the end of January 2023… meaning this is technically the last rehome of 2022, taking place AFTER the threshold. I hope you are comfy in your new home x all the best.


Odin - The allfather of the dogs/gods?


Odin’s owner’s circumstances changed which made keeping him untennable. At just 16 months this little poppet still has a lot to do before he becomes an adult and even more before he is father of the gods! He is a friendly little lad taken on by Bev. Bev’s working on teaching loose lead walking during the day and Norse mythology by night, so that Odin may live up to his destiny one day.

On our checkup meetings he’s doing well in his new home and is getting the hang of everything nicely, seeming happy and healthy – ready to love every moment of his new life.

May your bones be juicy and your luck be fortunate!

Rolo - Moving from one loving home to the next

Rolo has had a pretty good life so far, which is nice to know since it isn’t always the case. Due to personal circumstances his family were unable to stay in a home that allowed pets, and Rolo unfortunately had to make his own way. His dad got in touch with us to get him to the best place he could to continue his life, and while Rolo and his family will miss one another, he is now in a new loving home with Amanda and RIchard.


It’s not so hard to find a home for a stunner like Rolo and he’s settling in nicely, with his new family telling us lots of happy stories of how he’s getting on to relay to his other family. We know life sometimes throws curveballs but it’s nice to show everyone involved that it’ll work out. Keep at it Rolo x


Coco - Chocolate Perfection


Just like people, dogs can have medical and behavioural abnormalities that mean they need a special pair of hands. Coco is one such case. Coco has Autism – this means exactly what you’d expect; concerns with loud noises, sensory overload, break from routine can all be a bit much and she needed to find a new home that could fully cater for and help her with her specific requirements… Much to her previous owner’s sadness. 

After attempting to work with her she decided it was too much and we found Coco a new home to get settled into, with a new routine, and a new family: Donna. 

After several meetings, Coco decided she quite liked Donna, as she was sensible and seemed to understand her. Now the two are making their new life together. May it be plain sailing from hereon out 😉 xx

Delilah - Kind eyes need a kind home

After a disagreement with her mum, Delilah needed somewhere to stay. She found solace in Donna who took her in and gave her a home full of love and kindness. 

She has a warm, loving home to call her own and manage her skin condition. And has made herself comfortable. The two are loving every available moment together. 

She’s getting along nicely with Donna’s grandson and loves being on the sofa with her.


Jess - Now Tess


Another girl with a tough few years start in life. Used as a breeding bitch she’s had a difficult beginning, but will have a long and relaxing continuation. 

Freya went to pick Tess up and bring her home to her new life and found the time pretty quickly. She made Tess her priority and Tess did the same in return. The two love going out for long walks in the field by Freya’s home and she can have the life she always dreamed of. 

Stay safe x

Joey and Boo - Early retirement

Breeding dogs often have stressful early lives and quite quiet later years. Joey and Boo both came from that kind of background and, having grown up together, both got to go to their new home together as well. The two are now getting to enjoy their inquisitive sides (see photo to the left) and enjoy their time.

Angie took them both on and noticed they were a little nervous of traffic noises and around dogs they hadn’t already made friends with, so we put her in touch with a behaviourist and the three are getting on and getting comfortable.

Enjoy your freedom guys, you deserve it. x

Joey and Boo

Inca - Picture perfect


A perfect girl deserves a perfect home, but times were far from picturesque to start with. Her former owner could no longer give her what she deserved and, on top of the time and space she required, a house move was the final nail in the coffin.

Gary gave her a new home and from day one she managed to sleep surprisingly well. She was a little nervous at first but now takes it all in her stride and enjoys playing with her newfound Newfoundland friend – Bear. The two are as thick as thieves and Gary couldn’t be happier and they’re all getting on like a house on fire. Frankly it sounds picturesque, almost as lovely as her picture.

Cooper - Cute as a button

The previous family who took Cooper on didn’t feel that he’d bonded with their daughter as they’d hoped and couldn’t handle the commitment of doing it on their own. Doing the responsible thing they spoke to us and we set about rehoming him. Given what a poppet he is, there were absolutely no shortage of places to call his own.

Ian collected Sonny in early August and, by the end, Sonny had a new name and two new buddies to teach him the way. Now Ian, Cooper and his other two – Maisie and Bray, all play happily together and he’s living the life he’s dreamed of

Dino - Hit the road Jack

After a tragic turn of events, Dino needed a new home to call his own. He had a couple of medical conditions and a new start in life, hence the new name. 

While Katy was being home checked to assess suitability, Dino was getting himself a clean bill of health, and sure enough once all the Is were dotted and the Ts were crossed, the two hit it off like fireworks.

We try to hear back from our new owners where possible to find out as much as we can about how they’re doing – once they’re one of our rescues they’re always one of our rescues. She provided this quote when asked about him: “[he’s] my baby boy… and no, you can’t have him back”! Seems like the two are going just nicely to me 😉 best of luck buster.

Simba - Pride of Norah, Dave and Charlotte

After leaving her home with her litter, Simba had a difficult time, and decided to come and visit Norah for some training, guidance and TLC. Spending time out in the fields and training at home, she got a taste of what a good life in a good home would be.

Having spoken to Dave and Charlotte, it quickly became apparent they might be a good fit for Simba to grow up and, with a little communication, the two were put in touch. 

Norah agreed that Dave and Charlotte would make a great home for Simba, and after that it’s all been rosy. Enjoy your new home!

Saxon - Conquering his battle with food

Some dogs, like us, can be a little picky. Some dogs, like us, have allergies. Saxon has had a long standing disagreement with certain food making it difficult to keep in good shape, but luckily Jayne was close to lend a hand.

After many trips back and forth to find out what’s the matter, followed by some treatment and some drops for his ears, Saxon is happy as Larry! In his new home with his new family he’s no longer got sore ears, his coat is smoother and he can finally eat without the worry of making himself itchy thanks to some detective work by Jayne and her vet… Good work Jayne!

Chizzy - Happy to have a quiet life

Chizzy spent much of her early life around busy rooms – pups, girls and enough wriggling to drive anyone bonkers!

After the busy start, what she’s got now by comparison is a paradise of serenity. Many acres of land and a loving owner in David, who showed great interest in Chizzy the second he found out about her.

With a donkey sanctuary on the land she’ll still never be bored, but she might get a few winks more of sleep 😉

Best of luck out there x


Leila - Darling please


Leila used to live with a loving family but with a new young girl they decided she would have a better life when not competing for attention. Not wanting to make Leila even more uncomfortable, they sadly parted ways. 

After some searching Leila found her new home in Julie and Luci, and the discomfort has now faded. Leila doesn’t have to share as there’s twice the love to go round… Which I should think suits them all just right!

Max - Mazi living life to the max!

As with any member of the family, it’s hard to see them leave. Max was no exception when circumstances beyond his control led him to need fostering in an emergency by one of our kind trustees. Having spent 2 months with her he got to feel like part of the family but she could only look after him in a temporary capacity. As his previous owner could not take him back, we began looking for a home for Max. Our Trustee was sad to see him go but no doubt some of the pain was lifted knowing she’d helped him along on his journey to find his final forever family. He’s got good taste and likes who he likes, and was quite picky about who that would be… they say the dogs pick the owners so the two were quite selective 😉 Max found a lovely and caring home that he, our trustee and his new family are happy with, knowing he will be uprooted no more. He’s in his comfy spot and he’s staying there. A new life and a new name, marking the start of a new beginning – to what I’m sure will be the happiest beginning so far.

Good luck out there Max! We know you don’t need it but we’re sure you’ll crack it 😉


Luna - Queen of Cornwall

LUNA: There were many issues with her initial home which simply did not vibe with what she required. A busy, adolescent girl having her lunch pinched by the older resident Ridgeback. A toddler and a brand new baby was all a bit too much for her and her owners. They contacted us wanting to make sure she would be happy and loved for the rest of her days. Sometimes you really do get what you wish for and the little girl in the tiny house in the middle of the city now finds herself the lady of the National Trust Estate with its own Victorian, walled garden, directly overlooking a beautiful bay in Cornwall. The back door opens directly onto the beach where she loves to run and swim everyday, feeling the sand between her toes.

Duke - Looking for his Dame

Duke’s case is like so many others… a marriage breakup and him caught in the middle. Duke had no vices. Basically just an all round good egg, and when you are young, handsome, and loveable, the queue of people willing to give you a second chance is long and illustrious. Jenny was the lucky hooman for this hound, and the adoption went through without a hitch.

Grace - Old but not on the Scrap Heap

Grace: this beautiful 13 year old girl found herself surrendered to Rescue after her previous owners emigrated to Australia. What do you do with a 13 year old nearing the golden years of her life, who has only ever known and adored one family? 

I’ll tell you – you find an even better one that cares even more than the last. We are very privileged at Rescue to have some really special people ready to step in and take care of our oldies. Liz is one such brilliant person, and the last we heard, Grace and her new “sister” were partners in crime, running rings around Liz, and generally being a pair of monkeys. It’s true what they say, there really is life in the old dog yet.

Ceeba - Now Rui

Handed in to a non-breed specific rescue, the fantastic staff at Burnley Dog Hotel knew when Ceeba (now Rui) came in that what he needed was an experienced Ridgeback home. They got in touch and gave us his history to enable us to get on and find someone for him.

Boy has he landed on his paws (I’ve seen his new house and, quite frankly, I’d like to live there myself). We get regular updates, videos, photographs, and details of his adventures… and on top of all of that, he genuinely is the latest signing for Salford FC!

Ceeba’s past owners really did score a massive own goal letting him go. 


Bailan - Now Abel to go to his new Home

Balian 2

Bailan found himself returned to his breeder because he was so boisterous. Sadly, the breeder’s situation also changed and both Bailan and his dad, Max, found themselves being housed… in a garage. 

The breeder’s family contacted us to see if we could offer foster care for both dogs, in the hopes that both would be able to go back to their breeder. Sadly this proved to be too challenging for them, and they signed them both over to Rescue. As you know, we always strive to find the best humans for the best dogs, and so it was that Gayle soon came to the top of our list as the perfect fit for everything Bailan needed… and what he needed first was a new name (Abel)  to go with his newly fixed ears and glossy coat.

He now looks a million dollars on his grain FREE, chicken FREE and beef FREE diet… Something that is a very common fix for Ridgebacks with allergies. We don’t know who is happier – Gayle or Abel 

Drengur - Now Doug

Time waits for no man and is the cruellest mistress of all. Unfortunately his previous owner struggled with her mobility in her later years, and it soon became apparent that a young dog like Doug was too much for her.  He simply wasn’t able to get the exercise, training or socialisation that he needed as he grew up (he really did grow to be quite mahoosive!!).  His original owner’s family was worried both for the lady and also for Doug. Being so caring and responsible, they knew they had to give him the life he deserved, so they contacted us directly to give him a new start. Paul stepped into the picture and stepped up too: a new home full of energy, exercise, training and excitement, Doug now has the life he needs and his previous owner can rest assured she made the right decision in letting him go, hard as it must’ve been. Doing what’s right isn’t always easy, but we hope knowing he’s in the best place possible will ease the pain  <3


Rocco - Rescued from a Shed

Yes, you read it right. This poor boy was indeed rescued from a shed! Kept alone and used for breeding, Nicole, one of our supporters saw him on a selling site and simply couldn’t leave him in that situation. Even though she knew she couldn’t keep him herself, she couldn’t turn her back. Taking to Facebook, she rallied the Ridgeback faithful with a flash fundraiser to gain enough money to free Rocco from incarceration. We do not encourage buying dogs from selling sites as this can encourage unscrupulous people (breeders/greeders) to do it repeatedly as it lines their pockets. However, Rocco was instantly signed over to us.  On arrival at the kennels, it soon became apparent that he had various medical concerns that needed to be addressed, as well as being neutered.  Once everything was dealt with, he was paired with Graeme, a single gentleman who had recently lost his previous partner in crime!  Rocco and Graeme are now “best buddies”, together 24/7 – a far cry from life all alone in a shed!

Zena - Warrior Princess

Not much to say here – nothing was the matter with this dog. An unfortunate victim of circumstance, as we are seeing all to often. She went to a home that cared for her but sadly, simply did not fit in as one of the children was terrified of her.  Being so very young, the owner made the decision to let her go as soon as she realised a Ridgeback puppy was not for them after all.  At such a young age, and with her breeder not wanting her back, we were free to get on and give her a home with a family just aching to love her.  She’s now completely and utterly adored in a lovely, warm home with Caroline and Rob, who have been counting down the days to welcome such a wonderful addition to their family. When we called them to say she was available, they were in the car within 30 minutes and she was on their sofa within 2 hours!  Some things were never meant to be and others, like moving in with Caroline and Rob were surely written in the stars. We wish you all the very best darling girl and hope it’s plain sailing from hereon out.


Nyla - Filling a hole in Iain and Sharon's hearts

Iain and Sharon gave a lovely home to Penny, a previous rescue we entrusted to their gentle care. After losing Penny, the house was very quiet . The loss of any family member, furry or otherwise, is a devastating time emotionally for both guardians and the remaining resident pets, and something that takes an awful lot of personal self care to bounce back from.  Once the time was right, they let us know they were ready to give another soul a new beginning and, as fate would have it, a mutually beneficial relationship bloomed; they needed a new companion and she needed a home to call her own where she would be warm and safe. We knew what an experienced and capable environment they would be able to provide for Nyla and in no time they were already forming new memories together. You can never truly replace what is lost, but to be able to think back fondly with someone and recall the good times with someone new lets you re-tell their story, so all may benefit.

Zuri - Finding a Unicorn

Zuri is a beautiful girl, and of that there is no doubt. She was adored by her female owner, but sadly her partner just could not connect with her. Add to this the very specific set of medical problems this darling young girl suffers, it was never going to be easy to find somebody willing to take her on with all the “Baggage” and financial expense that she came with.

We were prepared for the long haul, as was her owner, who was willing to keep her and love her for as long as was necessary to find the right home for Zuri.

Rather unexpectedly, the stars aligned and, out of the blue, we found the most lovely lady who was willing to do whatever it took to give Zuri the life she deserved. Nothing that we told her about her needs or the prognosis for the future phased her – she quite simply wanted her immediately, fully and unconditionally from the very beginning. 

From panicking about where we would find such an altruistic soul, she found us.  Soulmates really do seem to find one another and on Zuri’s behalf, we truly cannot thank her enough.