Rehomed Ridgebacks 2023

As the new year starts, we find ourselves once again with new Christmas pups, golden oldies and loveable furballs looking for new homes. As we start showing off our rehomes once again, ask yourself… Can I see one of these wonderful members of the family living with me? If so, maybe you should pop over to our potential owners page and you might see your own new furry friend on here before long! With training, patience and kindness there are few things a dog can’t do so if you’re willing to put in the work they could be just what need x 

Simba - Everything the light touches is your new home

Due to personal circumstances out of their control, Simba’s previous family had to let her go. At just 3 he is a full of life and full of love! With all this love to give it was the perfect time for him to meet Vicki. With experienced hands and a keen mind, Vicki knows just how to look after this lad. He’s in his prime and ready to take on the world, but he won’t have to do it alone. 

All the light touches is yours Simba, don’t forget to turn it off at bedtime though, there’s a cost of living crisis you know!

Mrs Red - Green light on your new home

Mrs Red is a sweet girl from Surrey. She’s calm, soft and friendly and loves a cuddle. While she’s going to miss her family, Marie has welcomed her with open arms.

Her previous home was full of energy and excitement which she adored, but now she’s got a home that’s more her pace – getting all the love and attention she could ask for.

I see your future and it’s green and bright!

Marsha - Love can't be bought

Marsha is one of the Boston dogs you may have heard about earlier in the year. If you’re not familiar, she was rescued from a selling site by one of our supporters from a pretty sorry situation. 

Now she’s been introduced to Julia and Alison she is living the dream, with the knowledge she’s fitting in well. At just 1 she’s a still a baby, and has lots to learn, but she already knows she’s not for sale and neither is her love. She’s been on hikes and we’re reliably informed that she’s had no issues settling in – we hope it continues and continue to grow into the best part of the home.

Hero - Your hero

This little pocket rocket is just 6 months old. He’s your typical puppy who was looking for a family to love and show him the ropes. Mark is the superman of this story, taking Hero under his wing and showing him how best to tie a cape. 

Hero is keen to learn and has already started recall training – he’s got the lightning dash down pat, and is working on the coming back next. Fetch has never been so slick! 

Japonica - Waggiest Tay-l

Due to a house move, Japonica (now Tay) needed a new place to call home! With kind eyes and a strong wag she was bound to find love again in no time. Having created happy memories in her first 2 years, she quickly found herself the apple of of Graham’s eye. Graham and his partner welcomed her into the family like she’d always been there.

Settled by the log fire within the first 3 weeks, she’s been on long walks in the surrounding area, got to know the locals, and started to find her place. We’re excited to see how you enjoy your new home and how you grow. 

All our love xx 

Whiskey - Great as a dog or a drink

Born n bred in Dagenham, this baby boy is just under a year old – 7 months old in the picture. Long hours are common and more and more people understand that a dog’s life shouldn’t be spent alone in the house, so here little Whiskey has moved in with Hannah, Dan, their two children and AJ – another bounding Ridgeback for him to play with. Now sporting a new name and a new family he’s settled in remarkably quickly and is absolutely in love with his new family!

I’ll be round for cuddles in no time Whiskey!

Willow - Swaying calmly in her new home

Willow is a 3 year old girl from Birmingham with the kindest eyes you’ve ever seen.  After a few potential suitors, we found the perfect lady for Willow – Grace. In a loving home full of laughs, licks and cuddles, Willow has found a companion to put down some roots. All the best girl!

Layla - A Lay-dy who can make the boys fall like dominoes

As you can see from her picture, Layla is drop-dead gorgeous. At just 9 months old she has the world at her pawtips. Because of changes in work commitments, her previous owner was unable to give her the life she deserved so she decided she needed a new catwalk. 

In a flash, Layla met Laura, and the two fell in love. Now it’s a battle of beauty between Laura and Layla for the man in their life – Chris! With two lovely ladies in his heart, I’d say Chris might be the true winner of this story, but it’s all about perspective, and Layla’s happy to be getting the attention and recognition she deserves 😉

I hope things continue to be Pawfect!

Rhea - A Rhea-l sweet pea

Simplicity is beauty, and Rhea is one such beauty. An open and shut rehoming all in all – Her previous owners were unable to give her what she needed and contacted us to find her a new loving home.

When we mentioned her to Gary he was interested straight away, and he and Kirsty had a dog check soon after – the rest was history.

She’s settling in a dream and is just a peach, with a kind nature and a relaxed spirit, she’s done her fair share of both running, cuddling and sunbathing… Typical Ridgeback!

May your happiness continue to be textbook perfect 😉

Ralfe - Playful and Smiley

Ralfe came from a home in which he was loved dearly, but had to leave for unfortunate circumstances. A young boy, at just two, Ralfe has a whole heart of love to give. Kim and Michael are just the people, and applied to help us give one of our rescues a home. 

Ralfe had to leave his previous home quickly and, in troubling and desperate times, Kim and Michael stepped up. He’s new toys and his comfy sofa, and while heartbroken to see him go, I hope his previous owner knows that he is living a good and happy life. He even has a friend in their other dog. 

We at Ridgeback Rescue wish you all the best.

Benny - A travelling beauty

Now Ladies and Gents, Benny is a special boy: Benny is a boy from a traveller’s site. He came up on our radar a few months ago, having been chained up outside a caravan until his rescue. We have good news. He is in his forever home and is simply adored to the moon and back. Here’s a lovely message from his new hoomans:

Where do I begin …… Benny you have brought so much joy, smiles, laughter and love in the 10 days we have had you home with us. Everything we’ve asked of you you’ve gracefully obliged, trusted us and embraced every minute. We’ve already met new people, made new doggy friends, alongside your new brother and sister and every day we have had compliments on what a beautiful and well behaved boy you are. We’ve had fun zoomies, Ridgeback play, dared get those shovel feet a tadge wet and of course most importantly met your fellow love rivals, our horses.  We will never be able to thank the Ridgeback Rescue enough for entrusting myself and Izzy with the beautiful Benny, our yearning and dream have been fulfilled. We promise you Benny you will be forever safe, loved and adored. This is just the start superstar. Thank you, thank you Tara and Izzy

Marshall - Cutest Sherriff in town

Accommodation restrictions on pets at new homes can be cruel, and Marshall, a 1 year old boy hailing from West Sussex, fell foul of this particular rule. 

He’s now ruling the roost with Andrea, making sure he’s fed at exactly high noon, and learning to work in parallel with his new pard’ner Nala. 

Sitting proud and smiley for his picture here, he will be the new Sherriff in town, but he knows that there’ll be no pistols at dawn with Andrea in charge.

May you have fun ruling the roost Marshall! 

Kage - World's youngest globetrotter

Kage is a 5 month old boy from Cheshire with all the energy you’d expect from a young ‘un that age! As he could no longer live with his previous owner, Marcin stepped up to offer Kage a new home. He just about settled into the routine of his new home and his place in the house, when he met Marcin’s girls. They love him and he loves them, they’re crazy about him.

Since then, he’s been on holiday with Marcin and seen the sights, and you can see that he loved spending time with his dad! 

May your life be full and fun, taking you to sights around the world and having interesting walkies!

Nala - Diesel and Carol's new best friend

This nine year old girl is an absolute sweetie! Personal issues have meant she unfortunately needs to live with a new family. 

She was very nervous at first but having settled into her new home she feels safe and strong – no shaky legs in sight. 

She’s living with Carol, and her boy Diesel. Carol’s an expert in dogs, as she used to board them, and Diesel is excited for a playmate!

I hope you’re happy in your new home. Keep in touch!

Roscoe - King of the mountain

This is Rosce! Due to personal reasons he needed a new home. he’s now on cloud 9 (or mountain 9 if you look at the picture to the left) as we’ve found him a loving new home with Chris and Kay. 

Roscoe is an outdoorsy boy with typical Ridgeback ears that split as soon as look at them, he loves charging around outside with Chris and Kay’s older girl. He’s starting to calm down and settle in now he’s found his place in the pack, and loves to play. 

Enjoy your new walks, you have two families that love you now.

Rufus - Rufus Hound

Of the Dixie Dozen, 6 puppies were in need of a new home. Rufus is the last one, but not least. Liz picked up this gorgeous boy, and you can see in his eyes what a gentle soul he is. 

He’s working on his house training and getting braver by the day, exploring more and more on walks. Best of luck out there! We know with all the support, you’ll absolutely thrive.

Albus - You're a rescue, Carnegie

Albus has found a new home with muggle, Josh, and it’s proving to be a magical experience. He’s settling in now, having me Josh’s resident older girl. 

Finding your way in the wizarding world can be challenging, but finding it as a puppy in a new home is ever harder, but we’re glad to see Albus settling into his new life and new name.

For now though stay away from the broomsticks! you’re much too little to be so high up!

Presley - Ain't nothin' but a hound dog

This Presley is Scottish rather than American, but he’s no less of a mover, wiggling all over the place into a new home with Steph, he’ll light up a smile on the faces of anyone who sees him, from here to Memphis!

His personality is starting to shine and he’s learning a trick or two from his new older sister, another Ridgie owned by Steph. They all get on like a house on fire, and he’s not planning on leaving the building any time soon!

Jimi - Batdog Butler turned house buddy

Jimi, formerly Alfred, hung up his Butlering shoes after just 6 weeks at the Glasgow Academy and left Wayne Manor behind and decided a comfier life was for him, finding a new home with Carol and Alastair, he’s now switched places. Now he’s the one being waited on hand and paw, with a morning cup of milk before his daily walk, he’s feeling much like a millionaire himself! Moving towards a rockstar life, deciding to embody Hendrix instead he’s much more comfortable as the star of the show


Enjoy your new mansion Jimi!

Pepa - In her new home from Afar-i

Pepa is a sweet baby girl from Scotland from a litter of pups that struggled to find loving, caring homes. Of course they made the smart decision and got in touch with us and we found a caring and loving home in the hands of Hannah, and the two girls are now in the process of starting their new life together. We wish you both the best, Grow into the darling girl we know you are! And remember, Ridgeback Rescue are always here to help

Purple - A colourful character

Purple is a a recent pup from a new litter. At aged 10 weeks, she’s just starting off in life – so we thought we’d find her somewhere to do it right! She’s now living with Sara, who’s giving her all the help, nurturing and training she’ll need to live a long, happy life! 

Zimba - Foster a new friend

Zimba is an 8 month old girl who was supposed to be staying at chez David for a little while, but after a month the two were inseparable and David knew he wanted to have Zimba as a permanent resident in the family.

Initially Zimba was petrified of men, but in David she’s finally found one she likes, and reportedly told the trustees “this one can stay” 😉 enjoy your new home Zimba!

Coco - Chocolate Sweetheart

17-06-23 Coco

Coco is an interesting name. We rehomed an autistic girl called Coco at the end of last year and as luck would have it this year we have another girl with the same name and the same condition. She wasn’t coping with the situation at her previous home and needed somewhere quiet to rest her paws. 

She is now in the loving home of Alexan, who is able  to offer her a quiet life, with enough stimulation to keep her excited and interested, but not too much to feel overwhelmed. 

At aged 5 she’s mature enough to take in her environment and has decided she likes this one. Enjoy the peaceful home Coco! 

Grace - Gracing a new property as we speak

Grace’s previous owner loved her dearly but the perfect storm of personal circumstances, health issues and work related issues made it as difficult as you could imagine to keep Grace. Grace’s former owner was heartbroken, but fret not – she is now with Sam! 

Sam is a previous owner from rescue and was doing the dog check when she fell in love with Grace’s charm. We often draw on people with a great wealth of experience to investigate dogs to assess their temperament and nature, and to help us be more confident there’s not something we are missing about the dogs in our care. What this means here is, Sam’s one of our best – and now Grace, Sam is yours, to raise you from your young age. Take good care of one another!

Milo - Milo the model

As you can see by the photo, Milo is one of the most photogenic boys we’ve had into rescue. He doesn’t always look like this though – Milo suffers from seasonal alopecia, but still needs a loving home! His previous family couldn’t give him the walks and time he needed and their life was only getting more busy. 

Now, he and his new owner, Jacqui, are enjoying the fine sights of the Scottish highlands. With more trails than you can shake a stick at, this young lad is loving the Northern life! Go Milo!

02-05-23 Milo

Baby - Scotland's good girl

30-05-23 Baby Girl

Baby was on our list for looking for a new home recently. The previous owner had family matters which made it difficult to give Baby the life she deserved. She is now living with Margaret and enjoying a quiet life. While a bit nervous at first, she is settling in nicely and finding her place in the pack. 

At just 15 months it’s to be expected that there are challenging times where it’s hard find your place and it can be difficult during adolescence to know where you fit, especially when you’re moving about but with a solid home and a solid foundation, she’s doing well now and loving her new sofa spot, taking her “finding her place” a little too literally 😉

Django - Butter wouldn't melt

Django came from a loving home and at just 3 the sweetheart has a new one that’s just as right for him. His new owner is not new to us, as she’d had a girl from us in 2020. Edwina was infatuated by the hazel eyes you see (just as you are right now) and knew there was room by the fire in her home for him. 

He just wants someone to love and take care of him and he’s had that in spades so far, so there’s some large boots to fill Edwina. Don’t worry though, we know you can do it, as you have in the past 🙂 all the best to you both!

22-04-23 Django

Axel - Never Tyred

02-03-23 Axel

Fun fact – my first Ridgeback was called Axl, slightly different spelling but still the same name. He was one of the softest boys you could ever wish to meet, and much like his (near) namesake, Axel is a sweet pea . Unfortunately his previous family have family obligations and can no longer meet his needs, and he’s ended up in the caring arms of Paul and Dan.

As a big lad with lots of energy, he’s going to need plenty of walks and plenty of training, being freshly into adolescence, but with some care, discipline, time and love, he’ll light up Dan and Pauls lives, and of anyone lucky enough to meet him, much as our Axl did <3 enjoy your new stomping ground and never slow down!

Star - Shining Bright

Quality walks are a key part life when you’re a dog, an absolute highlight of your day. When Star’s former owner realised she was working away more and couldn’t give her the quality walks she was used to, she realised that she’d be better placed in a home where she could get everything she needs. 

Paul took up the mantel and adopted this bright spark, who’s wagging enthusiastically in his home right now. She’s just 3 and inquisitive about pretty much anything you can imagine, and is loving the stimulation of her new walks and enjoys the company of her new walking companion, keep on the path you two!

17-06-23 Star

Bubba and Jonesy - The pub pair brewing love in a new home

20230529 Bubba and Jonesy

Meet Bubba and Jonesy, a charming pair of dogs, both 18 months old. These lovely dogs once called a pub their home, but when circumstances changed, the brewery made the difficult decision to remove them. Without a place to go, Bubba and Jonesy found their second chance at happiness when we discovered a wonderful new home for them with Darren and Sandra.

Darren and Sandra found the perfect match in Bubba and Jonesy, who are well suited to looking after the pair due to previous experience with a pair of brothers which heightened their excitement to welcome these adorable companions into their lives.


With your continued support, we create these heart-warming connections and provide dogs like Bubba and Jonesy with the love and care they deserve. Their journey is a testament to the collective efforts of our dedicated supporters like you, who make it possible for these furry friends to find happiness in their new forever homes.

Lola - Lovely Lola

20230529 Lola

We have an inspiring story to share about Lola, a courageous 20-month-old girl from Wrexham. Lola faced a severe ear condition that has been successfully treated by dedicated veterinarians. After leaving her previous home due to family issues, Lola has found comfort and care with Julie. Each day, Lola’s ear improves, and she becomes more at ease in her new environment. This heartwarming journey exemplifies the transformative power of your support, which enables us to provide vital medical care and find loving homes for dogs like Lola. Thank you for making a lasting difference in the lives of these precious beings.

Roxy - a baby in a brand new home

Roxy is a delightful 16-week-old girl hailing from Scotland. Roxy’s journey began when her litter turned out to be larger than expected, prompting her breeder to reach out to us for help in finding her a loving home. We are thrilled to share that Roxy has found her rescue angel in Sarah, a compassionate individual with great love of the breed. Sarah’s nurturing spirit and commitment to Roxy’s well-being ensures that this sweet girl will thrive in a loving environment. Roxy’s story highlights the power of collaboration between breeders, rescuers, and supporters like you, who make it possible for dogs like Roxy to find their forever homes.

20232905 Roxy

Maze - It's a-maze-ing what a loving home can do

20230529 Maze

Meet Maze, an adorable 4-month-old girl from Sheffield who was destined to be a show dog but found a different path with the help of your care and compassion. Maze has now found her forever home, where she will be showered with love and cuddles by Lynn and Stephen. Interestingly, Lynn and Stephen are no strangers to the joy of adopting a rescue dog from us; they previously welcomed Marley into their lives. Maze’s journey is a testament to the profound connections that can be forged when dedicated individuals like you come together to make a difference. Your unwavering support not only changed Maze’s life but also created a beautiful bond that spans across generations. Thank you for being the driving force behind these heartwarming stories of love and second chances.

Beau - BEAUtiful

Beau’s former owner needed to travel extensively and decided this travel was too much time leaving him on his own. 
Lynne recently lost one of her Ridgies and, as any of you with multiple Ridgebacks will know, it feels eerie and quiet when there are less than the usual number. As luck would have it, the two got on like a house on fire and now Beau has a big friend to charge around with. He’s settling in well and the two play all the time! At only 2 he’s got a best friend for life, as well as a forever home on top of that. We wish you the best

20230529 Beau

Bruno - We DO talk about Bruno!

20230529 Bruno

Bruno is a darling boy hailing from Essex. Unfortunately, tragedy struck Bruno’s original family and he could no longer stay with them, having only lived with them for a matter of months. At only 7 months it can be a big shock to be uprooted, but getting settled in to your new home so early paves the way for many years of comfort, cuddles and love. Loraine and Keith gave him a family, and a big one at that! 

Now, he has a mum, a dad, and 2 sisters. He’s settling in nicely and growing into his new home. He’s also a bit of a globetrotter – his new home is up in sunny Scotland, so he’s traversed the whole island (not on his own four paws don’t worry).

Enjoy Bruno, we’ll keep talking all about you!

Trisha and Vinchi - The Ukrainian sweethearts

In the midst of the Ukraine war, a woman and her dogs fled to England in the hopes of escaping the dangers ahead. Accommodation was scarce and we helped to foster Trisha and Vinchi for several months. Sadly the permanent residence she found was unable to take dogs and she signed them over to us to find them a permanent safe home.

Chris stepped up to and took them both in and they’re now settling into their permanent residence with him. From the videos of them charging around and the pictures of them snuggling up it’s good that there was a happy ending for everyone involved. Best wishes to you all!

Roman - Breaking Helen's heart


Roman’s original home was one of love, he did not leave by choice of either his family or his will. Due to devastating circumstances he was no longer able to stay where he was. 

Roman might be one of the most famous boys through these metaphorical doors, as we get regular updates from Helen, one of our trustees who has fostered for us. 

She will miss him very much but got to experience living with him and showing him the care and affection he needs, but alas he needs a permanent home full time with someone who can devote every hour to him. It’s difficult to let go, even when you know it’s right but it’s made a little easier knowing the home is just right.

Sam – take good care of our boy, we’ll be rooting for you both x Enjoy

Roman 2

Bella - now Amber and now relaxing!

Bella new

This lil’ pup here is Amber, she’s just a little baby still at only 6 months but has already had quite the life experience. Her former owner could no longer care for her due to illness so she contacted us and we found a new home with Joe and Kate! 

As you can see, she’s found her feet (or… err… her back…) rather quickly! In her nice comfy bed or running around in the nearby fields (not for too long yet as she’s only little) Amber’s got herself a stable home to grow and explore.

Stay safe little one!

Rew - Joint rescue operation

We have a relationship with several other rescues who we keep in contact with in order to offer help should they get a ridgeback through their doors and the good people at Greyhound Rescue gave us some shocking news. A former breeding bitch named Rew was rescued out of a camp where she was being treated less than favourably. The tidings were not good and we were warned to expect the worst and got her to an emergency kennels straight away. 


Rew was cared for by Sue in her kennels until she was well enough to rehome and, as you can see from the photo to the left, the old gal seems to have benefited greatly from her time away. Alas the kennels were only a temporary fix and in walks Peter and his family to give her a nice warm retirement where she can play with their other senior pooches. 

Finally on the right we have a photo just before the end of her stay in kennels looking a lot better – the years falling off her!

Arnie - He'll be the beach!

Arnie used to live with a lovely family and was the daughter’s dog. He moved out when the other residents (a couple of Jack Russels) decided that the terminator wasn’t welcome and said Hasta La Vista. Since then it’s been on to bigger and better things – lovely Andrea is the perfect match… Initials go together n’ everything! A more lovely woman you could not wish to meet and very little chance of her biting Arnie’s back legs when he’s not looking. From cosy dozing on the couch to chasing around the beach, Arnie is back in a comfortable loving home once more.

Much like the real Arnie, this furry friend loves sunny beaches and is soon to be the governor of his own sunny piece of the country.

If you look REAAAALLY closely you can actually see him putting a thumbs up as he runs out of shot —>