Rehomed Ridgebacks 2021

As the new year has started so has the rehoming effort… A few new dogs to add to our list of successful rehomes, the more dogs in good homes the better so we hope we can do as well as the previous!

Bella - Mike's new best friend

Bella is a 3 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, adored by her former owner. Sadly she fell ill and became too unwell to care for her – with a broken heart she contacted us to find a new home and a new life for her young girl. She was picked up yesterday and starts her new life with Mike and his family today! Although sad to go, she was incredibly well behaved on the journey. She woke up this morning with a waggy tail for her first walk… I’m sure photos and stories will be incoming thick and fast! Her former owner should rest assured that we’ve found the perfect hearth for her to curl up in front of – you did the right thing x

Unfortunately there are no current pictures to show of Bella but if you give it some time I reckon that might change 😉

Clark - From one loving home to another

In an uncertain time such as now, it’s impossible to say what tomorrow might bring, sadly this was long days and lots of work for Clark’s dad. Knowing he was unable to spend as much time with his boy he came to us to find someone who’d love him just as much; Clark made his way to live with Liz and Paul. Liz and Paul are previous owners who rescued Annie in 2017 after her first three years living in a pigsty. After two meetings between Clark and his dad and Paul, Liz and Annie it was clear that this was going to be a perfect fit. For stories like this it’s especially nice to show you the journey and the pictures accompanying to the right really tell a story. It’s never easy saying goodbye to a dog, more so when they’re part of the family, but it’s made a little easier knowing how happy they’ll be and how well they’ve settled. Good luck Clark! We’ll all miss you! 

Eli - Formerly Bruce, Having operations by day, fighting crime by night.

Eli had an interesting start in life, with a Dermoid Sinus, it was a rough first year and a half. But recently a lovely couple called Caz and Lou came to the rescue and it’s been looking up from there. He’s had an operation to fix the DS, has settled into his lovely new home and is enjoying the company of his new friend, Toffee – the three legged Chihuahua. 

Recently, however, everything went a little pear shaped as he had another health scare linked to the same initial problem; an abscess in the muscle from the former operation site grew to a huge size, and caused Eli so much pain that he couldn’t lift up his head and made him scream in agony. Having seen the vet, to start with this looked very much like meningitis – how could our lovely boy be so unlucky? He was rushed to see a neurological specialist who, following X-Ray and MRI Imaging confirmed the presence of the enormous abscess. Having already spent well over a thousand pounds to rectify the DS, we were now faced with another £4000 worth of fees to get him fit again. The money, no matter how much, was never in question as he came to rescue already with this pre-existing condition, so we were ready to cover any costs associated with it… even though it was going to be eyewatering. Scroll forwards one week (See the video to the left) and thanks to Caz’s quick reactions and the limitless kindness and generosity of the whole Ridgeback community, the surgery went well. He’s in much better health and even better spirits, giving Toffee more of a challenge to keep up with! 

A massive thank you from all of us at Ridgeback Rescue and from Caz, Lou, Toffee and, of course, Eli himself,  to all of you in the RR community on Facebook who raised thousands in funds to help pay for the vet bill. We honestly couldn’t do it without you so we hope you’re all glad to know he’s recovering and already up and running about like a looney!

Whisky - Drunk on love

Whisky is one of the new lights of Caroline’s life, he marks the beginning of a new chapter after a much sadder one, sometimes things are perfect the way they’re said the first time so rather than trying to paraphrase it’s probably best to let her explain:

There’s a little story behind Whisky, our 2nd ridgeback Dexters father was CH / Ir CH Mursil Huntsmaster of Barca
Whisky, Dexter was an outstanding boy in every way, he was unfortunately killed in a freak accident, when he stepped in a puddle whilst out walking after a storm, unknown to us there was a fallen electrical cable in the puddle, he stepped in to help his Aerin our beautiful female Ridgeback who was already dead, they were both killed outright, way back in Whiskys pedigree i found CH / Ir CH Mursil Huntsmaster of Barca
It was meant to be, all of my family who knew Dexter say that Whisky looks like him and he does, he also has the same gentle ways that Dexter had! 💙 painted by my sister Tammy x