Rehomed Ridgebacks 2021

As the new year has started so has the rehoming effort… A few new dogs to add to our list of successful rehomes, the more dogs in good homes the better so we hope we can do as well as the previous!

Drogo - Dan's Moon and Stars

Having only been with his last family a month, Drogo didn’t get on with some of the other resident dogs… Or the local sheep. 

It was though better all round to find him a new family where he could be the apple of their eye. Enter Dan stage right. A perfect partnership, hit it off straight away and the rest is history. 

Good luck my boy, stay away from the leggy clouds for me 😉

Blue (Now Hugo) - Breaking the heart of one of our Trustees

Blue was anxious and needed time to settle in and decompress. Whenever a dog, particularly one so powerful, is frightened, it is vital that they get the time and space and understanding they need to let that fear go. Only once they truly chill out do you see their potential and true colours. This is where Helen and Emma step into our story. Just a week after waving Kito goodbye (having fostered him for four months) our fabulous Trustees opened their hearts once again at the drop of a hat to welcome this lovely boy to a safe home. During his time there, Helen was able to assess Blue’s needs. He didn’t seem particularly connected to his name and so she undertook a roll call of potential new monikers. When she said Hugo, his ears pricked up, his head tilted and he chose his own name. A new name to match his new life. After just two weeks of being fostered with Helen and Emma, the next chapter of his life began as he became part of Mark and Helen (Different Helen)’s lives. Breaking Helen (Trustee)’s heart he washed her and Emma’s faces with kisses as if he understood and wanted to say thank you, hopped into the back of Mark’s car and drove off into the sunset.

Hugo, you are boss 😉

Obi - This is the dog you're looking for

Pictured left in his smartest Christmas attire, it’s plain to see that Obi likes to dress to impress. He managed to make a great first impression on Stuart and has come on in leaps and bounds since he moved in with him and his wife. Obi was surrendered because, to be honest, he was said to be a bit of a handful and needed a more experienced owner than that which he had currently. Our lovely behaviourist, Lisa, paid a visit to see exactly what we were dealing with in Obi, but came out singing nothing but his praises. Satisfied that he was not public enemy number one, we set about looking for an experienced owner who would be able to direct and work with him to ensure he became the upstanding, tie-wearing gent we knew he could be. Although he came from a home with an “older brother”, we felt this was part of the problem, and placed him where he could be the centre of attention and the soul focus of his new owners would be his training. Enter Stuart stage left, ready to take up the challenge of a lockdown puppy and boy have things already turned around. 

He now gets to meet people regularly at his new job as shop assistant, and is with Stuart constantly, so they are already inseparable.

Keep at it Obi, may the paws be with you! 

Cleo - Our fastest rehome yet

Cleo is a beautiful pup that used to live in a very special family, she was intended to be a calming dog to support the two young children of the house. Instead of having a calming and reassuring effect on the youngest child, she was instead terrified of Cleo, so much so that she wouldn’t come down the stairs if Cleo was down there. Her breeder initially agreed to help but after the initial contact, the breeder blocked and ignored all correspondence, leaving the family and Cleo both high and dry just a week before Christmas. The Children’s mother really was in a predicament with the festivities approaching, and a young child too scared to even interact with the family. She had no idea which way to turn and put a post on Facebook. One of our supporters saw it and directed her our way, and from there comes the speedy part! After a quick Facebook Direct Message, we had a good long chat on the phone, and promised to find exactly what Cleo was looking for. From there, it was simply a case of checking our potential owners’ forms for the best fit ie. somebody who specified they wanted only a puppy and had already been home checked for this exact eventuality. Scroll forward two hours and Simon was already picking her up to bring home to Alison to make their Christmas even more magical. As the old adage goes “a dog is for life, not just for Christmas” and this is a dog with her new life. The best gift we could give her was the right home, and from how it’s going so far, I think it’s her very best Christmas yet.

We would just like to thank the supporter who sent her our way, and her previous owner for doing the right thing.

Tank (Now Charlie) and Ruby - From an outside kennel in the cold to a warm and fuzzy bed

Here’s a toast to Charlie and Ruby, and to all our supporters who contacted us about their plight. As you can clearly see times are still tough with only one or two perks in the new house, and just the one butler per hound! 

We were contacted over and over in the space of twelve hours, by many supporters who had seen Tank and Ruby up for sale on an online selling site. With such a low price on their heads, we were all worried they may fall into the wrong hands, especially as this father and daughter pair were both entire. Of course they should never be put together to breed from and we were horrified at that prospect. We contacted the seller directly and promised that, if he signed them over to us, we would keep them safe and find them a new loving home.

The following day, we met up with the seller, and put the wheels in motion to revamp their whole existence. Scroll forward two weeks and Charlie and Ruby are now enjoying life with their wonderful, experienced Ridgeback owner: Gavin. We would like to give a massive thank you to all those who alerted us to their situation, and especially to the masses of wonderful supporters who donated money specifically for this wonderful pair. The funds have been used to have Charlie neutered, and once Ruby’s current season is finished and the time is right, she too will be spayed – so no more litters for her.

Well done guys! That cold outside kennel is a thing of the past.

Blondie and Reggie - Given up but not given up on

At Ridgeback Rescue, we make it a priority to foster good ties and communication with responsible Ridgeback breeders. This communication and trust means that, when a dog who has been bred by one such breeder needs to be rehomed, they instantly get in touch with us, safe in the knowledge that we will put their welfare firmly at the top of our list. This was the case when Blondie and Reggie’s owner had to start working seven days a week. This was never his choice, but some things are insurmountable and knowing they’d be getting less than they deserve, his owner went right back to his breeder to ask for help. The Rescue machinery went straight into action and, within a few days,  Blondie and Reggie were sprawling out on Lucy’s sofa (see exhibit A to the left!). One of the questions we ask on our Potential Owners’ form is whether you would be willing to take on 2 dogs together, and in situations like this, those wonderful people who said yes save the day. 

We’d wish you both luck but we know you don’t need it! Have fun guys! xx

Sampson - On the run... but in a good way

Hayley and Leon struck gold with this absolute supermodel! As beautiful on the inside as on the outside, and super fit to boot, which is just as well as his new family are super fit too and were looking for a companion to join them on their runs. We do take such a lot of care in meeting the needs of our dogs, as well as our potential owners and it certainly does give us joy to see everything work out so neatly. From day one, Sampson settled in beautifully. Given up due to an unavoidable change in his owner’s work commitments, it’s nice to see that he’s found the care and support he needs and is now getting 24/7 companionship (Which all Ridgebacks adore).

Keep working on those abs Sampson. You’ll be a suPAWmodel in no time 😉















Newton - On medical grounds: Daily belly rubs required!

I know what you’re thinking… No we aren’t kidding! Due to a rare medical condition similar to cystic fibrosis, Newton actually does need belly and chest rubs and pats each day to keep him in good working order. He needed the right person to look after him and ensure those needs would be met. It just so happens that Peter was looking for a new companion too, and the jigsaw puzzle was complete. Not put off by Newton’s special requirements, the two hit it off right away, and the deal was done! 

Good luck Newton! Enjoy your chest tickles xx

Bray - Looking for care, love, and a comfy hearth

Bray needed someone to look after him and nurse him to health after he had a number of medical issues with his leg and unfortunately, his previous owner had to be away too much with work. Luckily for Bray, we put him in touch with Sian and Ian: A caring couple capable of helping Bray through his recovery and spending time showering him with more affection than any dog could need in a lifetime. While it’s never great having to say goodbye to a dear friend it’s always a comfort to know they’ll do just fine when they fly the nest.

Enjoy your new home Bray! xx

Chase - Running around Scotland with Jo

Chase is Rocky’s brother. Both of them needed to have the best start in life possible and every opportunity to thrive. Because of this their owner had to make the hard call to surrender them to us with a hope of a better life. As tough as it must’ve been I’m sure it’ll bring her a smile to to know both of them have loving owners who’d move heaven and earth for them. Chase’s new mam is a lady named Jo. She’s an experienced dog owner with lots of knowledge and it’s fair to say Chase has his work cut out for him if he wants to still try and be naughty 😉 

Now the only challenge you’ll have is how to outsmart your new owner, and believe me, I think it’ll be a full time job for you xx

Rocky - Grace's new liver pal

After arguing with his brother,  at just 7 months old Rocky was surrendered to us to find a loving home where he could get the attention and training needed to make him the smart and happy Ridgie he is today. After being introduced to Grace, they bonded quickly and it was clear he was going to have a new mum! 

Good luck in your new life! I’m sure you’ll do great, you guys cant go wrong x

Indy - Happy Dance Part 3


We are lucky to have such an amazing long list of supporters who have been so kind and helpful, as well as to have such a wide selection of people with the skills to take on a new furry friend who needs to find a new forever home. Parts 1 and 2 to this story are below but for those of you who made this three-part week happen, and those of you who make other amazing things happen here at rescue we really appreciate you.

Part 3 without further ado:


Somebody is happy to be with their new family! Meet Indy … she landed on her paws in her new “des res” just yesterday. Another case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and the family not being able to give her what she needs. Indy has found her new forever home with Melanie, a previous owner who has worked with Ridgeback Rescue before and one we know will give her all the love, kisses, cuddles and care she needs. A bit of timber to shed and then Im sure she will be charging about and meeting her full potential. Good luck Indy … we love ya xxx

Morgan and Elsa - Happy Dance Part 2

Because of the rolling updates to this website the most recent entries are at the top, so if you haven’t seen part 1 for the story have a glance below… if you HAVE seen it then here’s part 2 in all its glory!


Here are the wonderful Morgan and Elsa enjoying their very first taste of their new home. These two silver-frosted beauties (who were rescued by Ridgeback Rescue around 7 years ago) very sadly found themselves bereaved of their wonderful mum. As always, any dog that comes through Ridgeback Rescue is ALWAYS AND FOREVER a priority for us, so when we received the incredibly sad news that their mum had passed away, we were of course only too proud to stand by our commitment to them and find them a home that their mum would approve of. That home was found in a beautiful, tranquil part of Scotland with Una who has already given them her heart and, by the looks of things, they know they are there to stay. Good luck darlings … I hope your mum is looking down and is pleased to see you in the perfect setting you deserve. xx

Ziko - Happy Dance Part 1

You know the saying “when you wait for a bus and three come at once”? Well that’s what this week was for us; we had three successful rehoming stories. Without any further ado, here’s part 1:

This week’s first happy ending … and there’s more to come!

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks here at Ridgeback Rescue with 6 ginger ninjas and their heartbroken families needing our help. Yesterday, the first of those 6 dogs went to their new forever home. Ziko, a lovely 9 month old boy found himself like a square peg in a round hole. His family situation had changed meaning that neither “parent” could look after him and give him the attention that a 9 month old boy needs. They did the kindest and most emotional thing and contacted us. Of course, we were delighted to help and the Ridgeback Rescue regime went into overdrive resulting in the perfect new family being selected, interviewed, vetted and home-checked. Thank you to Josephine our wonderful dog-checker who met with Ziko to ensure his temperament was “as described on the tin” and for dropping everything to fit in with us and his owners time-wise at the drop of a hat.


Ziko is a happy boy who is, as you can see, in seventh heaven in his new garden. Good luck Ziko, I know Dirk and Gretchen will absolutely love you to the moon and back … and thank you to his family who knew what was best for him, even though it’s not best for their hearts



Bailey - Bagging a brand new family

There is literally nothing that makes me grin more than pictures like this one. This young man is Master Bailey

He was collected and moved in with his new forever family just this Thursday … and look at the cheeky monkey now

Bailey was given up to Ridgeback Rescue out of sheer love as his family knew he needed more than they could give. It literally broke their hearts in two, and it was such a brutal day when the time came to finally say goodbye. Photos like this one will help to soften the blow and let them know how carefully we chose “the right fit” for him. Thank you to his selfless owner who put his needs above her own and was so invested in making sure we totally “got” what she felt he needs. Thank you also to the lovely Chris and Mike who have opened their hearts and home to such a wonderful lad. I can’t wait to follow and share his journey.

Bella - Mike's new best friend

Bella is a 3 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, adored by her former owner. Sadly she fell ill and became too unwell to care for her – with a broken heart she contacted us to find a new home and a new life for her young girl. She was picked up yesterday and starts her new life with Mike and his family today! Although sad to go, she was incredibly well behaved on the journey. She woke up this morning with a waggy tail for her first walk… I’m sure photos and stories will be incoming thick and fast! Her former owner should rest assured that we’ve found the perfect hearth for her to curl up in front of – you did the right thing x

Unfortunately there are no current pictures to show of Bella 🙁 .

Clark - From one loving home to another

In an uncertain time such as now, it’s impossible to say what tomorrow might bring, sadly this was long days and lots of work for Clark’s dad. Knowing he was unable to spend as much time with his boy he came to us to find someone who’d love him just as much; Clark made his way to live with Liz and Paul. Liz and Paul are previous owners who rescued Annie in 2017 after her first three years living in a pigsty. After two meetings between Clark and his dad and Paul, Liz and Annie it was clear that this was going to be a perfect fit. For stories like this it’s especially nice to show you the journey and the pictures accompanying to the right really tell a story. It’s never easy saying goodbye to a dog, more so when they’re part of the family, but it’s made a little easier knowing how happy they’ll be and how well they’ve settled. Good luck Clark! We’ll all miss you! 

Eli - Formerly Bruce, Having operations by day, fighting crime by night.

Eli had an interesting start in life, with a Dermoid Sinus, it was a rough first year and a half. But recently a lovely couple called Caz and Lou came to the rescue and it’s been looking up from there. He’s had an operation to fix the DS, has settled into his lovely new home and is enjoying the company of his new friend, Toffee – the three legged Chihuahua. 

Recently, however, everything went a little pear shaped as he had another health scare linked to the same initial problem; an abscess in the muscle from the former operation site grew to a huge size, and caused Eli so much pain that he couldn’t lift up his head and made him scream in agony. Having seen the vet, to start with this looked very much like meningitis – how could our lovely boy be so unlucky? He was rushed to see a neurological specialist who, following X-Ray and MRI Imaging confirmed the presence of the enormous abscess. Having already spent well over a thousand pounds to rectify the DS, we were now faced with another £4000 worth of fees to get him fit again. The money, no matter how much, was never in question as he came to rescue already with this pre-existing condition, so we were ready to cover any costs associated with it… even though it was going to be eyewatering. Scroll forwards one week (See the video to the left) and thanks to Caz’s quick reactions and the limitless kindness and generosity of the whole Ridgeback community, the surgery went well. He’s in much better health and even better spirits, giving Toffee more of a challenge to keep up with! 

A massive thank you from all of us at Ridgeback Rescue and from Caz, Lou, Toffee and, of course, Eli himself,  to all of you in the RR community on Facebook who raised thousands in funds to help pay for the vet bill. We honestly couldn’t do it without you so we hope you’re all glad to know he’s recovering and already up and running about like a looney!

Whisky - Drunk on love

Whisky is one of the new lights of Caroline’s life, he marks the beginning of a new chapter after a much sadder one, sometimes things are perfect the way they’re said the first time so rather than trying to paraphrase it’s probably best to let her explain:

There’s a little story behind Whisky, our 2nd ridgeback Dexters father was CH / Ir CH Mursil Huntsmaster of Barca
Whisky, Dexter was an outstanding boy in every way, he was unfortunately killed in a freak accident, when he stepped in a puddle whilst out walking after a storm, unknown to us there was a fallen electrical cable in the puddle, he stepped in to help his Aerin our beautiful female Ridgeback who was already dead, they were both killed outright, way back in Whiskys pedigree i found CH / Ir CH Mursil Huntsmaster of Barca
It was meant to be, all of my family who knew Dexter say that Whisky looks like him and he does, he also has the same gentle ways that Dexter had! 💙 painted by my sister Tammy x