The Trustees

Currently there are 7 Ridgeback Rescue trustees, each helping out in their own way, we thought we’d let you get to know us so we made this handy little page to get to know a little more about us, here’s a bit about who we all are and some photos of us and our furry friends:

Kerry - Chairwoman

Kerry has been a trustee for some time and has been in both the showing and agility world for over a decade now. Having wanted a ridgeback since the young age of just 6 she is the perfect person to chair our charity as few can say they care as much for the wellbeing of any animal (let alone her favourite breed of dog) as she does.

Julie - Rescue Co-ordinator

With a keen eye and a kind heart Julie has a flair for details and a perfectionist streak. Cupid himself would be impressed with our chief matchmaker who always finds that perfect pair for dogs down on their luck and heartbroken owners in search of a new furry friend to love.

Kevin - Treasurer

A more honest man you’re unlikely to meet, Kevin should be a master juggler as he can balance the books and his work alongside being a key voice of ideas in trustee meetings. As an integral cog of our “machine” he makes some of our more out there plans possible while keeping our spending as efficient as possible without compromising quality.

Helen - Trustee

Helen has fostered a fair few rescues to help us avoid them spending time outside a loving home and very few give as much as she… Though when she agreed to it I don’t think she expected to have to buy new curtains when one furry visitor decided they’d look better unattached from the wall 😉

Sheri - Trustee

Having had ridgies for over 40 years, Sheri brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, especially in a field less familiar to some of us – something that goes a long way to a charity such as this. Being one of the brightest minds out there there’s very little she can’t do if she sets her mind to it.

Tyler - Trustee

Having been around dogs all his life Tyler lives and breathes them, he’s shown the breed since he reached an age of double digits and as he’s grown he wanted to do more and became the youngest trustee at just 19 at the time. Being young and fresh-faced he takes care of some of the more “techy” aspects of the charity while coming up with some wild ideas.

Lisa - Trustee and Behaviourist

Lisa helps us out on all things behavioural. She performs assessments, check ins with furry friends in their new home and works in tandem with the rest of the team to help make sure both the dogs and their owners are well prepared with the best plan of action going forwards.