Breeders Resource

By working with Breeders we hope to prevent so many Rhodesian Ridgebacks needing Rescue in the future.

Re-homing Service

If you are a Breeder there is no need to view our service with fear or shame…….. all of the Trustees know that sometimes we all need a little help.

Apart from all Rescue activity being confidential we also keep a close eye on the dogs we have rehomed, so should you find yourself in the position of having to find a new home for a Rhodesian Ridgeback you bred, please do not be afraid to ask for our help.

Working together we can ensure that every Rhodesian Ridgeback has a place of safety regardless of who his breeder was. We believe that it is far better that we work together to prevent any Rhodesian Ridgeback being advertised in a Free Ad or ending up with a rescue organisation that does not appreciate their unique character.

Many breeders are asked to take back older dogs for a variety of reasons and we can help find that Rhodesian Ridgeback a new home. You don’t even have to give us the dog, just ask us to help find a new home.

Rhodesian Ridgeback’s rehomed through Ridgeback Rescue have:

* A safe placement in a vetted pet home that suits that dogs individual needs

* An adoption form stating that new owners cannot breed or sell them on

* Five weeks free insurance

* Someone keeping an eye on them

* A safety net for the future

* We are also always available for advice to all Rhodesian Ridgeback owners and breeders.

Breeder Aware Scheme

Even if a dog is sold with a contract it is very difficult for a breeder to have any future claim on that dog. Ridgeback Rescue are often asked by breeders to let them know if any dogs that they have bred come through Rescue. That is not always possible to do for a variety of reasons, including the fact that we are rarely given the registration papers. To try and help inform breeders if we do get any dogs of their breeding signed over to us we have developed the Breeder Aware Scheme.

To participate, breeders need to notify us of their contact details and the microchip number of those dogs they wish to register (We can also take the details of any tattooed dogs from before the law changed or any currently tattooed dogs because of preference, if we have the appropriate details we can still add you to our database too!). We will then be able to check the microchip number of each dog that comes to us, against our database, prior to rehoming. Should a match be found we will contact the breeder and work with them to ensure the best outcome for the dog.

We know that breeders can’t always take a dog back so there will be no obligation or pressure for the breeder to do so. The idea of the scheme is to help keep breeders informed that a dog they bred has changed families. It is free to register as many dogs as a breeder wishes, however, if a breeder does decide to take a dog back into their care as a result of the scheme we would respectfully ask that an Adoption Donation is given.

Details of the Breeder Aware Scheme:

Ridgeback Rescue will require the following information:

* Your name

* Your contact details

* The microchip number of each dog you wish to register, that you have either sold or re-homed

* Date of Birth of each dog you are registering with us

 *Name of dog (Optional)

The process:

* The microchip numbers will be subsequently kept on file so that they may be checked against dogs in our rescue system or flagged should the dog be reported lost or stolen.

* Where possible Ridgeback Rescue will inform those breeders registered through the Breeder Aware Scheme of their registered dogs that become available for rehoming.

* Ridgeback Rescue are unable to keep track of dogs gifted to other Rescue Centres.

* There is no fee to register dogs or for breeders to be kept informed of the rehoming of their dogs, however Ridgeback Rescue would welcome a small donation for any dogs returned to the care of the breeder.

* There is no obligation on a breeder to accept the return of their a dog through the scheme.

If you would like to be involved with the Breeder Aware Scheme please email the Rescue Co-Ordinator with your details:    [email protected]