It is a sad fact that the more we love them, the harder it is to let them go. It is said that the hardest part of having a dog in your life is the goodbye … and I for one couldn’t disagree with that sentiment (in fact, I often wonder why we put ourselves through it time and time again … and then I look at those faces and think that a life without them in it would simply not be a life at all). Each and every furry heart that passes through our care is loved, whether they make it to the extra special time in life of that silver frosting on their faces, or if they manage to race through their lives in double-quick time; we still remember and miss each of them uniquely.

Run free, fly high and catch the wind my darlings – know you were prized and adored beyond belief by all of us here at Ridgeback Rescue, and of course by those who’s lives you came to share … Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being YOU xxx



Rainbow Bridge 2023

Red - A ripe old age

Red, a cherished Rhodesian Ridgeback girl who peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2022 at the age of 13. Rescued by Sam in 2013, Red’s loving years were filled with joy and treasured moments. We are thankful to Sam, whose loving and caring nature allowed Red many years of peace and warmth to call her own. Red’s gentle nature and unwavering loyalty left an indelible mark on our hearts. Red’s legacy reminds us to embrace every precious moment and cherish the unconditional love our furry friends bring into our lives. Though we mourn her loss, we find solace in the memories we shared with this extraordinary soul.

Sadly we do not have a photo of Red. If one is provided we will add it here

Zula - One for the memory books

Now folks, this one is a particularly personal one – Zula is one of the first dogs I helped with when I started at the charity in an official capacity some years ago. I remember going to see her in the kennels we used to have and she was a gorgeous girl. She was a complete character and always had enough energy to move as fast as a bullet, and developed a special bond with one of our other trustees, Julie, who spent a good deal of time getting to know Zula. She was rescued back in 2019 by Jeff and Sharon and sadly she passed away just before the end of 2022 at the young age of 7. Regardless what anyone says, 7 is too young for any dog. Fly high and catch the wind x

Luna - Playing in the moon and stars

Back in 2020 Luna became the lady of the manor. She fit into the perfect life with Edwina. For two glorious years she was the princess she always wanted to be and lived a comfortable life with love and affection.

She will be crossing more of a diamond bridge but will love all the people on the other side like she did all the ones on this side too, for while she was special, she was gentle and friendly too.

Fly high and catch the wind Luna, you’ll be visiting the grounds you used to frollick in from her dreams

Ruby - Sweet and shining

Ruby came to us back in 2017, and was one of the bitches I got the pleasure of meeting when I was younger. She was timid at first and slowly warmed to us as we came to see her but by the time she left us to stay with Julie she would relish the opportunity for loves and cuddles with whichever of us had visited her. She lived til the age of 11 which, while better than some, hardly feels fair and Julie will miss her dearly. 

I remember how soft her fur was and how many kisses she used to give. Though it’s hard to convey the feeling and impact each dog can have, sufficed to say, Ruby was a memorable one and I’m sure Julie would agree.

Until you meet again x

Rainbow Bridge 2022

Reuben - "The mighty Roooooobs"

Reuben was rescued by Clinton in 2019 at age 3, and heartbreakingly he passed shortly before the end of 2022. Clinton wrote in a message to us which I will share for you here:

“Today we lost our boy ‘The mighty Roooobs’ who was taken so quickly and far too soon.. a joyous obedient companion that enriched out lives.. he will be deeply missed as he crosses the Rainbow Bridge. RIP Reuben”

Kimba - Comfortable in the clouds

Kimba was rescued by Isabel and Stuart in 2018 and, aged 5. Still in his prime he got to experience the sun, sand and grasslands in the areas around their loving home.

4 years isn’t a long time in the scheme of things but it can also feel like a lifetime with the right people. For Kimba it WAS a lifetime, a new one. In the blink which is a lifetime he has made a mark on the people closest to him, and shows that you don’t need a long time to have a big impact.

We could all learn a thing or two from Kimba, be it making the best use of our time while we have it, or realising that we, too, can look majestic out on the patio tiling.

Fly high boy xx

Luca - Dark and Stormy

Luca graced our doors in  2017 and found friends in Shelley and David. A life lived to the fullest and longest is a life well spent, and while there’s no joy in a passing for the ones left behind, the grief will subside and the knowledge that he really got his all will bring comfort and solace. 

The stars that shine bright on the darkest night are the ones that lead you into the light. We will miss you and some day we will meet again.

Elsa - Following Yvonne

Elsa entered our lives back in 2014 where we paired her into a loving home with Yvonne and Gary. This is where she stayed, loved beyond all measure, until 2021. Yvonne sadly passed on at this time and it was too much for Gary on his own, so she went to stay with Una in Scotland until she recently passed. Though she was only there a year she’s made a lasting impression on Una, and another heart is sadly broken by her passing.

Some may consider it cruel that she’s gone, but I think it depends how you look at it and what you believe. It seems sad to imagine Una without her Elsa, but makes you feel inexplicably warm imagining Elsa crossing the bridge only to see Yvonne waiting for her on the other side.

Sleep tight x

Zeus - Ruler of Olympus and the Highlands

Zeus moved to Scotland to be with Angie and James in March of this year. It breaks our heart to hear of any passing but especially so soon after rescue. The peace and comfort he has seen in Angie of James truly ease the burden slightly, to know he ended his life in the arms of those who appreciated him. Brief as it was, like a candle in the wind, Zeus truly lifted the spirits of those around him and we are sorry to see him go. Go forth and rule your kingdom, the Bridge is a new place to expand, you deserve the freedom.

Herbie - Cheshire's Finest

Herbie, Denise and Tim shared a home and 4 fantastic years together. 

Unfortunately there are no pictures of Herbie

Grace - A long life, well lived

Grace’s family had to make a move to another country when she had already lived for 13 long dog years. The distress she must’ve felt was eased by a kind lady called Liz. For months the two shared walks, cuddles and played together, giving her the best end to this chapter of her life she could’ve asked for. She was well loved and had a comfortable home for her body and kindness for her heart, you’ve got two families who’ll miss you dearly.

Zebu - Jane's special lad

We spend a small amount of time with the dogs in our care when we manage to get them a new home quickly. It’s no surprise that their new owners know far better than us what they were like. Jane has written a few words about her darling boy:

Wow! was the word that best described Zebu, the first time I saw him. A handsome young ridgeback who moved effortlessly and seemed to float over the ground; I was smitten.

Our first walk in the woods caused so much alarm when he disappeared. After a few heart stopping minutes, he reappeared behind me having done a large circle camouflaged by the undergrowth. He loved open countryside and running on the all-weather gallops. It was amazing to watch him run at full speed then spin round on a sixpence, accelerate away. One of his habits was to run along a line of straw, dipping his shoulder down until he disappeared in a cloud of newly mown straw.     

He was a boy who liked a quiet life and let the girls in his life be in charge. However, he did have an eye for the ladies and was an incorrigible flirt. He was always, so patient with little dogs who wanted to have a go at him.

During the first lock down his world was turned upside down by a puppy Ridgeback called Bea. Once she stopped being a land shark and was old enough to play with, this gave him a new lease of life. 

His passing was quick and right up to the end he wanted to please. He was quirky, affectionate, at times cloth eared and always a gentle soul. I feel that I have been truly blessed to have known such a wonderful Ridgeback.  

Bella - The Italian word for beautiful

Unfortunately we have no picture of Bella. If you have one and would like to send it in we can add it with pleasure

Another long life spent well with a family who loved her dearly, Debbie rescued her in February of 2016, one day before Valentines day… the love affair began immediately. With 6 years to spend there’s a lot you can accomplish. Each and every day was cherished by both Bella and Debbie, who got longer than some, but less than was deserved, to live out some of their greatest memories. Forever would not have been long enough 

Cassie - Rescued a lifetime ago

All the way back in 2016, Mark and Sandra were looking for a new addition to their family. Enter Cassie stage left, who fulfilled the role beautifully for the next six years… or 35 in dog years. I’m not sure who gave who the most love, because sometimes it’s just a perfect match. A beautiful girl with a beautiful soul, always by their side.

Woody - One handsome devil

Woody was a real water baby who loved nothing more than to play with his sister Nyah. Rescued as a pair by Sue, they instantly settled in and played such a massive part in Sue’s life. How do you come to terms with losing such a beautiful golden heart? Our love goes out to Sue, along with our thanks for giving him such a wonderful life.

Merlin - Cast a spell on Graham and Janet

Merlin was surrendered to Rescue after his devoted owner, Janet, passed away. There was no doubt that Janet’s dogs were her life, and we were privileged in finding him someone to love him as much as she did. Graham poured his heart into Merlin and, in return, Merlin became his pawtner in crime… going everywhere together 24/7. When Merlin’s time finally came, it broke Graham’s heart, but we knew in setting him free he would soon find his way back to Janet once again.

Morgan - Back with Yvonne

Came to live in the idyllic home he shared with his sister Elsa, and his new mum Una as an already distinguished gentleman of 11 years. He enjoyed his life on the hillside, bimbling around and generally pottering the way older Ridgebacks do. There is indeed nowhere else that would’ve been so perfect to see out his days. He leaves Una and Elsa sharing a bond and the memories that will last a lifetime. Yvonne was a keen supporter of Ridgeback Rescue and we promised to rehome her companions should the need arise. Sadly it did come to pass that Yvonne’s illness, though she fought hard, was too much. We kept our promise and they are united once more… No doubt with Yvonne keeping a careful eye on Elsa from above.

Rainbow Bridge 2021

Evie - Back with Sue once more

Evie old

A day of heartfelt reflection for us at Ridgeback Rescue. You may remember lovely Evie for whom with launched the “Oldies” campaign when she was placed on long term foster with Michelle Ellams after her owner, Sue Campbell, sadly passed away. I’m sure lots of you have fond memories of Sue from the show world and Michelle looking after Evie was such a beautiful tribute.

Over her time with Michelle, Evie has endured some difficult and expensive health problems including laryngeal paralysis and the frequent bouts of pneumonia that can and do result. Without the constant love, care and vigilance from Michelle, her life would have been cut so much shorter. Michelle watched like a Hawk and at the first signs of trouble, she was always on the case before that “flare up” could escalate beyond control.

Evie lived to a grand old age, far longer than any of us could ever have hoped or expected – all down to Michelle – but Evie let her know she had completed her journey and it was finally time to move on to rainbow bridge, to be back with a Sue once again.

Thank you to everyone who raised so much funding to help us provide that 5 star care she deserved. Thank you to Michelle for every moment of care and devotion and to Evie for showing us all how to live a life to the max. Run free, fly high and catch the wind darling girl. You and your mum will be remembered fondly always.

Kyra - Four loving years

To be honest with you, dear reader, I hate updating this page. It doesn’t spark the same joy as the rehoming list, nor the feeling of warmth when you see a new dog in its new home. However it needs doing, because the life of every one of these dogs should be remembered and celebrated. It’s often hard to find the words, because so rarely are there appropriate ones to pick and the best I can do is attempt to paint a picture of the dogs that pass through our care. Kyra, originally Kamba, was a loving girl who lived for four years with Janet, and brought care and affection to her every single day. Maybe not when she was trotting mud into the carpet, maybe not when she wanted to go for a run in the rain through the muddy puddles, but for all those special moments spent together, forever wouldn’t have been long enough.

We can’t change the life of every dog in the world, but Janet changed the world for this one. xx


Kaiser - Simon's closest companion

Sadly no image is available

In 2013 Kaiser was rescued by Simon and they hit it off like a house on fire. After 8 years the bond with your human becomes a strong one, after all – it is most of your life. Simon unfortunately had to say goodbye to his dear friend this month but is safe in the knowledge that he provided warmth, love and care to someone who needed it most. Instead of pondering the sad and the pain, think instead on the memories you enjoyed the most; the ones that the two of you shared. There are moments that are the happiest of your life and your furry friend, think on that shared bond and let it warm you to know how much it will have meant to them. 

Rocky - Finally reunited with Gazelle

Rocky was one of the first Rescues I met in my time at Ridgeback Rescue. He came into the kennels with a girl called Gazelle that he’d lived his entire life with. Around three years ago the pair were adopted by Brian who gave them the finest final years a dog (or owner) could hope for. Although gone he’s impacted so many lives in his time here and while more time with Brian would’ve been lovely for both him and Rocky, the limited time I’m sure they would both agree was worth the heartbreak. Say goodbye for now, and chase about with Gazelle, we will meet again soon.

Rocky (gazelle)

Penny - Always in the comfy spot

Penny loved Iain, Sharon and Ruby and they loved her. 

The comfy spot in the front room will remind you of her, and the lead by the front door. Don’t be confused, however; it isn’t a negative. Each object, sound, smell or memory is a spark that can remind you of the joys of owning a dog, of owning Penny. A dog is a part of the family and from that point of view, each spark is family in some tiny form. Each spark is a jigsaw piece of who Penny was and, as devastating as the loss my be, you still have pieces of her with you, for now and forever.



Junior - Little name, big heart

Junior was rescued by Mark in June of 2017. As hard as it is to find a silver lining in times like these, the “short but sweet” idea is one to embrace. “It is better to burn out than fade away”, whether you agree or disagree Junior had four of his best years with mark before his passing. We know Junior will be waiting patiently to see Mark again at Rainbow Bridge some day, but  until then he’ll be remembered by those who knew him for his winning charm and bright personality.

Unfortunately we have no photos of Junior to put on the website 🙁 .

Keyla - 5 Years could never be enough


Keyla lived in a home surrounded by people who loved her. The one who loved her most was Vikki, whom this must be the hardest for. Whenever you feel down, remember each picture tells a story. A picture is a snapshot of a memory; the time Keyla was posing on the sofa ready for a love, a picture of her running through the fields or curled up on your lap. Each photo plays a small reel in your head of moments passed, and nobody is ever truly gone when there’s still someone to remember them.

Someday you’ll see one another again, but for now there are memories of the happy times. xx

Billie - Now reunited back with Diwa


When any of our rescues pass, it hurts. When we lose the second of a pair that we have rehomed, and within just a few months of each other, everyone at Rescue feels the pain doubly so. Our owners become like family and when they hurt, we hurt. The following beautiful words come from Liz, owned and adored by Billie and Diwa:

This will be my final chapter on Diwa and Billie. Diwa (12) and Billie (9) came to me from ridgeback rescue on 4 June 2019. The girls had just arrived in rescue the night before. They had gone from their previous owner, who was no longer able to look after them, to Sheffield dog pound where they were separated with Diwa being fostered and Billie spending 4 months in the pound.

From the time they arrived at my house it was obvious they were delighted to be back together again and despite stories that Diwa could never be left alone or she was destructive, there really was no evidence of that. She
was a real sweetheart and very much a boss. Billie did as she was told in
Diwa’s presence. Diwa loved to shut doors and I spent a fortune getting all
sorts of door stoppers, none of which deterred her. I ended up tying together 2 x 5kg weights to keep the door open. 

Diwa’s favourite toy was a Teddy called Bear. Even though Billie plucked his eyes out, Diwa loved him and would greet me with him in her mouth every time. 

Diwa suffered from degenerative myelopathy and sadly after 6 months she could no longer stand so we had to part company. Diwa died 26 November 2019. 

Billie was never happy at being a lone dog and fortunately she had my own boy Jack to keep her company. When he was beginning to show his age I rescued Phoebe in July 2020 so when Jack died a few months later she still had dog company. 

Billie was always aloof and very much a creature of habit. She barked at breakfast time which sadly for me got earlier and earlier as the days lengthened. She also barked for lunch (a trait Jack refused to give up from when he was a puppy) and dinner. She liked going out for walks with Diwa and Jack as being old they didn’t go too far. When she was out for a walk with Phoebe, who’s a proper Jane in the box and everyone’s friend, she’d sometimes join in chase when she was chasing but very much a look of “oh I didn’t mean it somebody save me” if the tables were turned and she was being chased. She would come home from walks covered up to her elbows in mud and she loved catching up on the latest gossip by sniffing every single interesting smell en route. Walking with Billie could take a while. 

She also occasionally did high 5 with both paws which sadly I never captured on camera as we were usually so busy laughing. 

Billie was generally a healthy dog until recently when she had cancerous mammary glands. Despite their removal we recently found out the cancer had spread to her lungs and we had nowhere else to go. Billie died 27 April 2021.

Liz Hamilton.

Reggie - Some of his best years

Reggie went to live with Alison and Alan in their wonderful home around three years ago. He had a rough start to his life but in this new home he found comfort, care, and love. Roaming free and exploring whatever he could get his paws on, Reggie enjoyed every inch of his freedom. Up until about 2 days before he passed he was still living life to the fullest and nothing seemed wrong, which of course was devastating to Alison and Alan, but meant that almost every moment was well spent loving his family in comfort and style. Gone too soon but never forgotten by those who loved you, we know you’ll be thinking about your family from rainbow bridge. x

Rainbow Bridge 2020

Amba - Caring and considerate up until the last day

Sadly we have no picture of Amba but should anyone submit one we will of course love to show her portrait on here, with the permission of Anne of course.

Anne and Amba had nearly seven wonderful years together, having spent so long together it’s only natural to assume their bond was strong. The two gals off together sharing walks and memories, taking care of one another. Something people often forget is that dogs often do as much for you as you do for them – they add value to your life, friendship and companionship to spend the best (and sometimes worst) times with. Amba always cared and as her time drew near she didn’t like the idea of Anne having to take her to the vets and the journey alone so she went peacefully on her own terms at home, spending every possible moment with her caring owner. Passing peacefully at home may not have lessened Anne’s initial sorrow but as time goes on the peace of mind of knowing she went comfortably where she loved is  of some small comfort. 12/10/20  she went, still with her love.

KAMPALA - Always up for a love


Kampala came into our lives on 08 Jul 2018. We set off at 5am to the rescue kennels in Chesterfield with our then 5 year old female Ridgeback Remba and providing that all went well with them, then he would be on his way to Cornwall to start his new chapter with us. With the help of Remba he settled in well. I think they had their own special connection and understanding. Although he had unusual and quirky ways, we never encountered any malice in him. He was good when the nearby farm chickens and cats came into our garden or whenever we came across people and their dogs or the inquisitive cows on our rural and coastal walks. He travelled well in the car and loved the beaches. A dear, sweet, kind, gentle, sensitive soul.

Sadly we had to say goodbye to him on 01 Oct 2020. He was diagnosed with a tumour on his adrenal gland, a part of which had wrapped itself around his aorta. Prognosis was not good. As hard as it was for us, it was was the kindest thing to do for him. It was about his quality of life and him having happy days. We owed him that. He closes this chapter now, the end of a wonderful and special one, 1994 – 2020.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Remba on 10 Feb 2020. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma, which was totally unexpected and came out of the blue.

When the time is right, whenever, however and wherever, we look forward to embracing the next one. 

We were so lucky to have had the opportunity to share our lives with him, and this is with thanks and gratitude to the Ridgeback Rescue team, who all do such wonderful work for the love and care of this majestic breed, for enabling this to happen.

If only it could have been for longer, but perhaps this is how it was meant to be.

May the sun, moon and stars always shine brightly and may you have many beautiful reunions over the Rainbow Bridge. You can run free now , fly high and catch the wind along with Remba and all those that have gone before you.

A beautiful soul and character who so touched our hearts.

Cheryl & Christopher


CHUCKY - Paula and Emma's darling Chucky Egg

It’s best to let people who know the departed the best do the talking as they can give the most accurate impression of them. With that in mind I will use Emma’s own words when I say he gave her some of the best months of her life and he made her laugh every day. In such a short amount of time he made such a large impact and it goes without saying that he will be missed and remembered. He loved being snuggled up in bed with his family and I’m certain that the final months he shared with Paula and Emma will have been equally important to him as well. He trotted to the other side in October 2020 and will be sparking joy and laughter over there instead.


CHE - A fighter 'til the end

Che was found by our supporters online: he was on sale from a puppy farm and, not ones to let a dog go suffering he was purchased and handed to us so we could find him his forever home, a home he found with Angela and Ian, who spoiled him rotten and gave him a life most dogs could only dream of. Full of heart and character while also being a handsome boy, Che will now be in the clouds after 6 years of bliss. He defied all the odds after being given a short life expectancy soon after from an unexpected illness… Only to carry on making memories for over an extra year and a half. He left us in September but the moments he spent with Angela and Ian will be with them for a lifetime.


DIESEL - Prettiest in the pageant

Rip Diesel

Beautiful Diesel came in to us in the golden years of her life but looking at her you’d swear she was still in her very prime! If ever there was a “Super Model” of the Ridgeback world, this girl was it. She exuded class and poise from every pore and looked like she belonged on a catwalk (excuse the pun). As beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside. Loved, adored and missed more than words can say by Kathleen. Her final call for the runway was 16th of August 2020… We know she will be sashaying her way around the bridge for years to come. 


REMUS - That's Mr. Remus to you... a real gent.

Placeholder 3

What can we say about Remus? Darling Remus, ever the gentleman. Known by many, loved by all, not just as a family pet but also with the presence to strut his stuff in the show ring coming home with countless ribbons. Known as much for his golden temperament as for his stunning good looks and a huge part of Clare’s family. Remus now shows in heaven’s ring having put in his entry in July, 2020.


DARCEY - The apple of Mark and Dorothy's eye

When one so special arrives it’s easy to immerse yourself in their beauty and their grace. However, being so special makes it even more devastating to say goodbye when their time comes. No amount of time could ever have been enough but the four years she spent with Mark and Dorothy will be cherished forever. Run free sweet girl – fly high and catch the wind. 13th of May 2020.

ZARA - A short stay in paradise

With over three full years of time with her new owner Carol, Zara got to enjoy her final years in a comfortable and loving environment that she thoroughly deserved and it is with heavy heart that she could not have stayed longer. Our gorgeous girl got her wings in February 2020.

REX - Sorely missed by all that knew him

Placeholder 4

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say about the many dogs that sadly pass through the charity and it’s difficult to get to know each one personally. This was never the case with Rex as from the very first meeting he made a lasting impression on every single one of the trustees – they are all special but some infinitely so. Rex was that dog. Lucky was Rose who got to spend significantly more time with such a wonderful dog, some of it enjoyed away in the motor home and on holiday, and others just lazing as a lap dog. He crossed over on the 12th of February 2020 but, knowing him, it was not a gentle trot… it was a gallop to his next adventure.

N'KOSI - Jennifer's second self


Way back in October 2013 we were fortunate enough to find the perfect companion for Jennifer. N’Kosi came along to share her life for the next seven years, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Sadly their Earthly journey together ended in February 2020. Forever Loved.

MAX - As sweet as the lollies he adored

Rip max

Max and Mark very soon became inseparable. The end of the chapter came way too soon and it is with great sadness Max took his final journey over the bridge on the 2nd of January 2020. Always in our hearts and that of his owner.

KAI - You will be remembered always

“Hello !  Yes I’m fine                        what…?”

I am in a caravan in Scotland just packing up for the journey home after a week away, when the  phone rings.  We are planning on moving here one day, when we have a house,  and meanwhile each of us will escape here for a week or so.  We are currently without a ridgeback,  and Ed says  no more until we are settled here.  The rule has been made!

“There is a ridgeback in Scotland, it needs a home, she says she will meet you half way… give her a ring     ok?

Will do  !!!!!”   (WHAT!!!!      The rule has changed apparently )

About 24 hours later I walked into the conservatory back at home, Ed is sitting in one of those huge wicker chairs and at my heels a lovely new ridgeback boy, Kai had come home!  He took one look around and climbed into the chair with Ed and snuggled down.

And that was him, wherever we went, he went too.  The next weekend I was away again and Ed was helping a friend test out the club boat.  What do we do with the dog?  Well he better come too,  so up to Ullswater, clambered into the boat and went for a day trip out on the water.   Later that day he went for a swim.

That was not his only trip in an open boat, back in Scotland one day I was asked to help a new beekeeper with a query… hmmm need to take quite a bit of equipment with me … not easy, its a half an hour walk along a rough footpath….. with heavy bulky boxes …… hmmmm…………

No problem,  said a bee-keeping friend. 

Just pop everything in my boat and we will whizz round by sea, we will be there is a few minutes,

And a nice fun lurcher to run around with when we get there.


So that was Kai.  A gentle giant.   Giant?    Well he was certainly the tallest RR we had ever had and with the longest nose!


He insisted on being with you, …………. always,……..  sitting on your feet,  behind you whilst cooking, (that may have been to catch any falling food)   tripping you up when you moved away………. lying in the sun when we were working in the garden,  he could always find the sunniest spot, ……whilst keeping an eye on you.


We have sheep, …. Oh someone else to run around with  …. Nooooo !!!!!. …..OK !!  


Indeed  I once wanted to hold some sheep in a corner whilst I collected some hurdles …

“Just sit there … great …..No  go back,   sit there,   I am coming back….perfect…… No go back you dont need to be right with me I am still here!  Thats it good !!” 


So not a perfect sheep dog,  but not bad,  he kept them where I wanted until I could get the hurdles in place.  One of his last sheep runs was ‘chasing’ a pet lamb round and round the house…. first the black lamb  appeared, then the chestnut dog … black ….. brown……. black….. brown till eventually the lamb hid behind the car …. but kept peeping out wondering whether it was  time yet for another run!


A lovely boy, not an ounce of vice in him….. sorely missed.

Thank you Helen ….. for giving Kai the best home and a wonderful, heartfelt tribute xxx

THOR - Our mighty Norse god

Placeholder 7

Darling Thor came to us through the wonderful staff at the Rain Rescue Dog Pound.  Found as a stray and handed in to Rain Rescue, they in turn contacted us knowing that, as a Breed Specific Organisation, we’d be more suited to finding just the right home for our big guy.  In September 2014, Thor “emigrated” to Yorkshire and took up residence with Violet and his other furry pals.  He lived out the entirety of the rest of his life as Violet’s special companion and we know what an enormous hole he leaves, both physically and emotionally.  Running free over Rainbrow bridge on 7th April, 2020, Thor will be missed, adored and loved by us all forever.   Sleep tight big fella xxx

ROXY - You touched so many and will never be forgotten

Roxy Angela2
Roxy angela

When you work with Rescue, things don’t always go the way you hope. You try so hard and pull every string in the orchestra to try to ensure a happy ending but sometimes, the dogs who come through are simply too damaged to make it safely out the other side. They often come to us with background or history unknown. In these circumstances, we pick up the pieces and try our best to put the jigsaw back together, but we can never really know what they may have been through or the life they were subjected to before they landed at our door. This was true of Roxy who got under the skin of all of us here at Rescue, and I know got into all of your hearts last year too … dumped on the streets of Liverpool, very poorly, hideously underweight and clearly without any understanding of what it was even to play with a toy. Today, I have the heartbreaking task of sharing the end of her story with you, in the words of Angela and Alan themselves, who stepped in when she needed us the most. Run Free darling girl, Fly High and Catch the Wind ❤ ❤ ❤

“Our hearts are broken”.

Roxy came to us in September and settled in well. She was lactating when she was found so had either had pups or was recovering from a phantom pregnancy. She was incredibly weak, in a very poor condition and horribly underweight but was loving and adored a cuddle on your lap. She settled in and started to relax and discover her new home and family. Her health improved and she gained weight. She came into season and everything was normal until week 3 when her hormones kicked in and her temperament changed.

With fantastic support from Ridgeback Rescue, our Vet and a behaviourist, a plan of action was agreed and she was medicated appropriately. Our best efforts were challenged again when her season was closely followed by a phantom pregnancy. After 5 weeks of intensive medication to control her hormone levels and stop the phantom pregnancy, she was finally spayed.

Throughout this roller coaster of hormones, anxiety and aggression we worked to minimise her perceived threats and reassure her that she was safe. We celebrated every bit of progress and worked harder when we had set backs.

We understood that sometimes a dog can be so damaged by past experiences that it’s impossible to reverse the impact of abuse and neglect but we’d done this before and as optimists we tried everything in our power to help her learn that she was safe and protected. Her anxiety was so great that she couldn’t deal with anything or anyone outside the safety and confines of her new home. She loved us both and we were her world.

A number of serious incidents confirmed that she had an unpredictable hair trigger, and we’re indebted to the Ridgeback Rescue Trustees for their unwavering support and helping us in making the devastating decision to let her go.

She crossed the Rainbow Bridge on our terms, but we’re totally heartbroken. We talked to her gently, stroked and held her till her last breath. She knew she was loved.

Our love, thanks and respect to all those who were involved in her rescue and who generously supported the appeal to fund her treatment.

For every Roxy there are dozens of other Ridgebacks in need of your love and support, in her memory, please help Ridgeback Rescue continue their amazing work to help other Ridgebacks become the happy dog Roxy tried so desperately hard to be.

Alan and Angela x”

Rainbow Bridge 2019

BYRON/BAILEY - Double the names, double the love

Byron, or Bailey as he came to be known was rescued by Julie what must seem like forever ago and yet also just the blink of an eye. The best moments seem to last a lifetime and are over in an instant and Byron had 7 years of forever with a loving and caring companion. He now goes on to rainbow bridge ready for his next adventure to the other side for more.

Dearly departed in August 2019

DEXTER - Loved, cherished and adored

All the dogs that come through our doors are unique, when we rehome dogs we like to think of it like finding the right lid for every pot so to speak. Dexter found the perfect pot for him in Richard, companions for 6 and a half years they were inseparable. No time ever feels like enough with our pets but know this – Dexter was loved. 

He got his wings on the 19th of March 2019

KAISER - The best family dog ever

Kaiser was a home dog to Jill and Mark. He made the house they lived in into a home and he lit up every room he was in. Part of the family with a loving personality, he helped them through some difficult times which made his passing all the harder to accept. While there can never be another Kaiser he inspired such love that Jill and Mark have since adopted another dog from us once more. Keiser’s last kiss was in January 2019

TIA - The love of Sam's life

Our lovely Tia was rehomed back in March 2015, it is with heavy heart that Sam informed us of her passing back in 2019, it doesn’t matter when they go to the doors, it still hurts just as much knowing they have to cross the bridge.

DIWA .... You will be missed and remembered forever


Look at that face.  That’s the way I will always remember you.  You came as a pair and we moved heaven and earth to make sure it stayed that way.  You and Billie made the perfect team and I know Billie continues to bring the light of love into her new family’s lives every day.  

Until we meet again precious girl .. fly  high and catch the wind xx

JAKE ... Your last few years were your best

When you came to us you were so old and poorly and we really didn’t think that time was on your side but WHAT A DIFFERENCE that sheer love and care can make.  You soon took to your new family in all its species and fit right in.  Im sure your last years were your very best life and for that, I will always be grateful.  

Run Free handsome lad.  The oldies are always special .. and some are even more special than others.

Sleep tight Jake xx

Jake horses

AMBA ... Fly high sweet girl


When beautiful Amba came to us, she came as a pair.  A team of a twosome who took comfort in one another and needed to stay together.  Of course, we found them a wonderful home with previous Rescue owners that we knew would take them both and give them the lives they deserved.  Sadly, Mother Nature decided that their time together should come to an end and our darling Amba gained her wings.

She will never be forgotten and every beat in our hearts will be like a wag of that gorgeous tail.  

MIMI ..... They are all special, but some grab your heart

Petra n mimi3
petra n mimi

Mimi was a special girl – special with her needs and special with the size of her heart.  She was just the sweetest girl and everybody fell in love with her whether they wanted to or not.  She had not had the best start but the home she “landed” was nothing short of perfection.  All her medical requirements were met.  All her needs in the loving department were fulfilled in spades and she lived in the lap of luxury (I often joked that Mimi should come and live at my house and I would move in with her new owners instead!!).  Mimi took part in our charity video and was, of course, a natural star.  She was also the poster girl for one of our best selling products the “Mimi Bag” which featured a pencil drawing of her on the front.  She was, simply, just one of those dogs who don’t come along very often.  She was … OUR MIMI.  Run free gorgeous – your fan club  has never wavered xxx


Our Gentle Giant:

I adopted beautiful Leo in March of 2013.  He died aged 12 years and 7 months and will never be forgotten.  

….. Yvonne Bollington x





Jasper has gained his Rainbow wings x

Fran, Eric, Bill and Kate rescued Jasper in Nov 2011.
“We are sad to report that jasper crossed the rainbow bridge on Saturday, surrounded by his family. He had many health issues being an old dog but he had a happy home with us.
He loved to clean out the yoghurt tubs and would sit staring and drooling at whoever was eating the last of the yoghurt. He was adept at holding the tub in his paws so he could get his whole face in there!
The other picture is his first Christmas with us when he met our son for the first time. They became firm friends and jasper enjoyed walks with ‘Runny’ whenever he was home from university.

RIP good dog Jasper” 

To know that Jasper had a good life, and reached a fabulous old age, is all we could ever ask.  Our sympathies go to the whole family who are missing Jasper like mad xxx


Hendrix .... our wonderful traveller has made his final journey x


It is with deep sadness that we received a message from Andy telling us that his beloved Rescue Ridgeback Hendrix had passed away in the early hours of 1st July.

In 2011 we met a dog who looked sad at being in kennels and brought him home to join us in our nomadic life. We adapted our motorhome so Hendrix would have a comfortable seat and view out the window which he enjoyed for the next 8 years and 27 countries. He was friendly and gentle lad making friends all over Europe, allowing a toddler to crawl all over him and in recent times when my mother had to move into a nursing home, Hendrix became a popular visitor with the residents, bringing smiles to the faces of many people.

Unfortunately Hendrix never came back from his last trip and continues to travel on his own forever in our memories.



My lasting memory will be off Hendrix sitting on the seat in our motorhome, head resting on a cushion looking through the window at places we drove through, often getting reactions from vehicles that passed us on the road. 





Run free, fly high and catch the wind darling Hendrix … now free to travel the world without barriers or passports. 

All our love 
Ridgeback Rescue x

Kimba was rescued by Isabel and Stuart in 2018 and, aged 5. Still in his prime he got to experience the sun, sand and grasslands in the areas around their loving home.

4 years isn’t a long time in the scheme of things but it can also feel like a lifetime with the right people. For Kimba it WAS a lifetime, a new one. In the blink which is a lifetime he has made a mark on the people closest to him, and shows that you don’t need a long time to have a big impact.

We could all learn a thing or two from Kimba, be it making the best use of our time while we have it, or realising that we, too, can look majestic out on the patio tiling.

Fly high boy xx

Indiana and Jake

Indiana & Jake xx

Indiana and Jake were rescued together, lived together and very sadly left for Rainbow Bridge just 3 weeks apart. 

It seems that some partnerships just can’t be broken.  You were in separable in life and your hearts can now fly together for eternity. 

Sleep tight and watch over Rowena as she watched over you xx

Gazelle - One of a Gemini pair

Gazelle came to us with her “long-time boyfriend” Rocky.  They were 10 years old and had never been apart, having raised several litters together.  When they arrived, they weren’t in the best of health but we got them the care they needed and showered them with the affection they had never had until we were able to get them a home together.  

To see them resting side by side in the warmth and comfort of a new home was a joy but sadly their remaining time together was all too fleeting and Gazelle passed away in the arms of her new owner just a week later with Rocky by her side as always.  

The hearts of all the Rescue Trustees, Bryan her new owner and Rocky her partner are broken, but knowing they spent their last moments together is worth its weight in gold.  Fly high princess.  We will miss you sweetheart xxx