THIS IS MAX … could he be for you?
Who can apply

We are looking for a VERY SPECIAL home with an experienced owner for Max. Max was 5 in February. He is an incredibly handsome boy who has been used at stud. He is currently entire, but will be neutered before going off to his new home. He is currently in foster with one of our Trustees, but we do need to find him his forever home within the next couple of weeks so time is of the essence.
Below is the very specific criterion that we MUST achieve to rehome Max appropriately. If after reading through the list you feel that you would love to give Max a home with you, and you can say “YES” to every single aspect of what we are looking for, then please do email or get directly in touch with us on our Facebook Page. However, if you DO NOT fit EVERY SINGLE CRITERIA on the list, it will sadly be a definite “NO” and this is not something we can waver on so, if you don’t fit EXACTLY, please don’t get in touch. We do thank you for your interest and support, but honestly it will just clog up the enquiries from those people who actually DO fit exactly what he needs.

About Max

* Male, 5 years old
* Not great at being left for extended periods
* Although Max can pass people outside while walking without being reactive, he does NOT like visitors in his face or coming to the home.
* He is very anxious and reactive when new people come to the house so as few visitors as possible is essential (if you’re a hermit, that would be great! lol)
* Even people walking by the outside window are very difficult for Max to deal with, hence a busy town environment would not be suitable for him.
* When people do come to the home, Max must be taken to a separate room while the visitor comes in, settles and SITS DOWN. After a time, Max can be brought into the room, under supervision on a lead, to give him time to become more comfortable with the visitor and get to know them in his own time. When it is time for the visitor to leave, Max MUST be taken to a separate room BEFORE the visitor STANDS UP as it is the standing up that seems to trigger his behaviours (even if he has been cuddling in with the visitor during the visit).
* We DO NOT know what his full history is in this regard, but we are assuming he has been trained to do this as some kind of personal guarding/security measure required for his previous “role”.
* He is much more reactive with men than with women, so a predominantly female environment is a must. (A female couple or single female would be perfect for him).
* Max has NEVER bitten anybody (we DO NOT rehome dogs with a bite history) but his behaviours are 0-60 in the blink of an eye so only an experienced, knowledgeable home will be considered for Max.

What we are looking for

* A single female or female couple (or at a push, a mixed sex couple where the gentleman is very dog savvy and appreciates it will take time for Max to warm to and begin to trust him)
* A willingness to accept his behaviours and implement coping strategies rather than an expectation of trying to change him.
* Lots of experience over several dogs/years with Ridgebacks
* Absolutely NO CHILDREN living in or visiting the home at any time (though he has lived with children in the past, his behaviours are so unpredictable that we would NOT feel comfortable having children he does not know in his environment – just to be safe).
* FEMALE dog living in the home would be fine
* CATS don’t appear to be an issue and he seems to accept them (currently living with a male cat with his foster carer)
* Absolutely NO MALE DOGS
* Quiet household with very few if any visitors
* More remote location (ideally, a rural setting but definitely one without people frequently walking by the exterior of the house and past the front window.)
We appreciate that this list is quite prescriptive but finding THE RIGHT home for Max is vital and certainly more important than finding a FAST home for him. When Max is rehomed, we want it to be with the right person straight away to allow him to start his new life in a confident, safe manner. If you feel you can work with Max and offer what he needs, we would love to hear from you. If you feel he’s not for you, please do share him so that we can find the perfect “lid for his pot”.
Many thanks for your support. With much love from Max xx

If you would like to rehome any of our dogs, or if you would just like to be added to our Potential Owner’s List so we already have your details if the right dog comes in to fit your needs, then please fill out a potential owner’s form with all your information and if your circumstances are a match for what one of our dogs requirements, we will be in touch … we are I suppose merely glorified match-makers and it’s our aim to get each of our dogs the right home, first time around.  Thank you so much for considering adoption of one of our hounds as a possibility for your family.  

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