Available Dogs

3 Years Old
LOCATION: Birmingham

*  Willow currently lives with a cat
*  She was a puppy during the covid lockdown, and never went to training or socialisation classes 
*  Pulls on the lead, as such we would recommend loose lead training and the use of a dogmatic head collar initially
*  Nervous of other dogs, will bark and lunge at them, however after careful introduction she calms down and relaxes
*  Can be nervous of strangers due to lack of socialisation as a puppy
*  She isn’t comfortable around children
*  At the moment her world is small due to owners lack of confidence in her…she needs her world to grow
*  Travels well in the car
*  She gives lovely kisses, and would snuggle up on the sofa to her new owner

What Willow would like:

*  A family with lots of Ridgeback experience and confidence to grow Willow’s world
*  A child FREE home
* A dog FREE home
*  A family who is willing to spend time with her, work on her loose lead walking, training and building her confidence

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If you would like to rehome any of our dogs, please fill out a potential owner’s form with all your information. 

We will send newsletters to everyone on our list.  Please add [email protected] to your address book……and please check your spam box regularly.

Before contacting us to express your interest ……

1). Think seriously about the time & commitment rehoming a dog will bring
2). Please ensure your home life is suitable for a dog to join your family
3). Ensure that you can look after a dog whilst going out to work 
4). Be able to collect the dog from it’s current location
5). Be 100% certain that you would give a home to a rescue dog if we call you.

Please note that if you do not fit the criteria required for a specific dog, you will not be considered for her as we want to get the perfect match.