Available Dogs

Blondie & Reggie ** RESERVED **
6 + 5 Years Old
LOCATION – Cambridge

2024_Blondie & Reggie_COLLAGE

*  Very affectionate girl who is very friendly with all people;
*  She likes humans company/contact and would sit on a sofa with you all day;
*  Well-trained and trainable;
*  Will bark at animals on TV;
*  Loves cuddles and lots of attention;
*  Loves to play with Reggie;
*  Has a great recall;
*  Travels well in the car;
*  Never lived with cats & will chase them.

*  He has lots of fun playing with his fluffy toys;
*  Likes chilling in his bed & basking in the sunshine;
*  Loves playing with Blondie;
*  Doesn’t like people getting in his face & crowding him;
*  He is very attached to Blondie and dependent on her;
*  Travels well in the car;
*  Never lived with a cat.

What Blondie & Reggie would like:
*  A loving home together;
*  Lots of free running exercise;
*  NO cats.

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If you would like to rehome any of our dogs, please fill out a potential owner’s form with all your information. 

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Before contacting us to express your interest ……

1). Think seriously about the time & commitment rehoming a dog will bring
2). Please ensure your home life is suitable for a dog to join your family
3). Ensure that you can look after a dog whilst going out to work 
4). Be able to collect the dog from it’s current location
5). Be 100% certain that you would give a home to a rescue dog if we call you.

Please note that if you DO NOT fit the criteria required for a specific dog, YOU WILL NOT be considered for them as we want to get the perfect match