Welcome to Ridgeback Rescue

Who we are

We are a single breed charity run by a small group of volunteer trustees who are ably assisted by a number of volunteer helpers. 

Our aim, quite simply, is to help Rhodesian Ridgebacks that are in need from across the whole of the United Kingdom. 

From young to old, everyone needs a helping hand, and if you’re a Ridgeback, that might just be us.

Please click on the video to the leftfor a more illustrative view of what we do:


It is a sad fact that there are Ridgebacks that need re-homing and their number is increasing each year.

The reasons for parting are many – we fully understand that each situation and decision  is unique.  We appreciate that whatever YOUR personal reason may be, that decision is never easy to come to and is utterly heart-breaking for all concerned. Sometimes, however, there really is just no other way.

Ridgeback Rescue are asked to re-home both dogs and bitches from as young as four months to the oldies of twelve and thirteen years. Our rescue co-ordinator, works tirelessly to find them permanent homes matching dogs and prospective owners to ensure, to the best of our abilities, that it will be the last time the dog has to go through the trauma of being “passed on”.

Sadly, despite the best efforts of all Ridgeback Clubs, the number of Ridgebacks that are in need of re-homing continues to grow. Profits from all our Rescue events, together with ALL donations, are utilised in aiding the rescue of these unfortunate dogs.

The Trustees of Ridgeback Rescue are a highly enthusiastic team of volunteers who give of their time for free, alongside their full-time jobs.  We strive to answer messages, texts and Facebook queries as soon as we possibly can, and always within 24 hours, but please bare with us as the roles we have are on top of our normal day-to-day commitments and family lives.

We are 7 Trustees, and one very special Patron, who between us are prepared to go the extra mile for the love our wonderful breed.

Our Patron - Julian Norton: The Yorkshire Vet

We’re guessing you may have heard of our Patron, Julian Norton, (aka The Yorkshire Vet) “off the TV”, and as a band of Yorkshire folk through and through, we couldn’t think of anybody better to join our number.