Rehomed Ridgebacks 2024

Welcome to 2024! The water’s just fine, the dogs are delightful and the homes are happy! As you scroll through these lovable faces and stories, I wonder if you could imagine one of these four legged friends being part of your family? If so, our potential owners page contains all the information you’ll need to see your new companion on here in no time! With training, patience and kindness there are few things a dog can’t do so if you’re willing to put in the work they could be just what need x 

Floki - Adventurer and Norse Beauty

Floki is a strong Viking boy at heart, or at least thinks he is… He wanted to be the king and has set out on a little adventure to get there. On his travels he found Carl and Hillary – who had previously owned another dog named Floki… Some would say this mystical fact fates them to roam the world together, exploring their new home. He’s excited by his new home and will have to find his place in the new settlement, as Whitby is already the leader of this family 😉 best of luck boy.

Murray - Dapper Dog

You can feel through the screen the sheer style and class from dear Murray here. In his prime at age 5, Murray needed a new home with someone whose fashion sense was as good as his. Suzanne and Guy welcomed the diva into their home ready to guide him to being as well behaved as he is fancy. 

Strutting his stuff in his new garden and looking for new cats for his catwalk (I think he’s taking it too literally), Murray is loving the attention and is settling in nicely. Enjoy!