The Charity

The objectives of the charity are to provide appropriate care, protection, treatment, security and support for Rhodesian Ridgebacks; to relieve suffering and distress and, where necessary, to find suitable permanent new homes for such animals, and to educate and advise both Rhodesian Ridgeback owners and the wider public in matters pertaining to the health, welfare and the prevention of cruelty and suffering of these dogs throughout the UK.

A Registered Charity No. 1146704


Chair – Kevin Blackwell
South Yorks/Derbyshire
[email protected]
07557 361356

Secretary – Julie Robinson
South Yorks/Derbyshire
[email protected]
07488 248646

Treasurer – Kevin Blackwell
South Yorks/Derbyshire
[email protected]
07557 361356

Trustee – Sheri Gray
07775 895970

Trustee – Tyler Rhodes
07593 340347

Trustee – Lisa Edwards
07795 525256

Trustee – Helen Crowe
07545 59191

Rescue Co-Ordinator – Julie Robinson
South Yorks/Derbyshire
[email protected]
07488 248646


Patron – Julian Norton


Julian and Dice
Julian Norton - The Yorkshire Vet

We are absolutely thrilled that Julian agreed to support us and become our Patron … as a Charity made up of Yorkshire folk, we couldn’t think of anybody better to be the face of Ridgeback Rescue.  Julian, welcome aboard.

Julian has been working in mixed practice in rural North Yorkshire for the majority of his twenty plus years as a vet, much of this in the market town of Thirsk, made famous by James Herriot and his books. During this time, he has seen many varied cases, unusual animals great and small and has met and become friends with a huge mixture of fascinating farmers and pet owners.

In 2015, Julian became involved with the hit Channel 5 TV series The Yorkshire Vet, which continues to be a hugely popular programme. Julian currently works in the market town of Boroughbridge, continuing his passion for independent mixed practice, where he works with his wife Anne who is also a vet.  Julian is also a best-selling Author of four titles ‘A Yorkshire Vet Through the Seasons’, ‘Horses, Heifers and Hairy Pigs: The Life of a Yorkshire Vet’, ‘The Diary of Yorkshire Vet’, and his latest book published May 2019 ‘On Call With A Yorkshire Vet’.

Julian on the farm
Julian and Emmy


We are thankful for any and all support, as we are a volunteer led charity and do all of our work solely for the benefit of the animals in our care and to do the best we can for them, and give them the homes we feel they deserve. Any and all time spent working on Rescue matters is done in our own personal time and appreciate any and all help offered. If you need to get in contact with us please do not hesitate to do so, as we want to foster strong relationships with our community to further do our best for our dogs.

Thank you

Ridgeback Rescue