Thank you to Sara Thompson

A huge THANK YOU to the lovely Sara Thompson of SONNYPRIDE RIDGEBACKS for the wonderfully kind AND HUGE financial donation! Sonnypride recently welcomed an incredibly beautiful litter of Ridgeback puppies into the world, all of whom have now gone off to start their exciting lives with new families.

We are very fortunate that so many responsible Ridgeback breeders have been so supportive of Ridgeback Rescue and what we do. We were absolutely bowled over to receive a fabulous £1,000 donation from Sara from the proceeds of her recent Sonnypride litter. Ridgeback Rescue does not receive any funding assistance other than that which comes through donations, and this outstanding generosity allows us to continue the work we do for the Ridgebacks we look after who have fallen on hard times.

With so much talk about bad breeders (and sadly we know all to well that there are many) I just wanted to make a personal public THANK YOU to Sonnypride and all of the responsible breeders out there who make sure the puppies they produce are healthy, happy and will always have a good breeder to rely on in the background. With donations such as this, it means Ridgeback Rescue can also be a safety net, if any of them ever need us.

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