A thank you to Dorothy Grayson-Wood and the kind people at Crufts


As you know, the Ridgeback world does tend to have the most generous and supportive followers. Cast your mind back a whole 16 months (if you can remember back that far). That was Crufts, the last Championship Dog Show before Lockdown, at which the fabulous Ridgeback folks ringside donated to Ridgeback Rescue and the Rhodesian Ridgeback Welfare Trust. We haven’t been able to see Dorothy Grayson-Wood who collected the money due to Lockdown but I was delighted to be accosted by her at the Hound Association Championship Dog Show on Saturday, brandishing an envelope with £75 in it for Ridgeback Rescue. Many thanks Dorothy for collecting and hanging on to the cash for all that time and of course to the generous people who supported us with their donations.

Massive thank you from all of us at Ridgeback Rescue.

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