Kay Pettengell’s Husky Trail Arctic Challenge 2017

During the last week of March 2017 Ridgeback Rescue Supporter Kay Pettengell undertook the arduous Husky Trail Arctic Challenge, principly in memory of her beloved ridgeback Odin, but also to raise funds for two charities, one of which is our own. This enterprise involved taking a team of dogs 260Km sledding across the frozen wastes of the Arctic. We are happy to say that despite blizzards and the hardships that an enterprise such as this was bound to incurr, she has made it back in one piece.

Support for Kay’s effort has been amazing, raising the magnificent sum of £1,500 for the trust. Our thanks to Kay and all who supported and sponsored her in her toe tingling  enterprise!

Should you feel so inclined donations may still be made here http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/SomeoneSpecial/Odin_Pettengell

Here’s Kay’s account in her own words, with a few pictures……….

“A huge thank you to all the lovely Ridgeback owners who sponsored me. I am keeping the page open for another week and will collate all my sponsors as I have some cheques and cash from people. I know I’m close to my target of £1,000 but will update you all asap. Please feel free to look on my FB page at my photos and videos I took. Here is a little re-cap for you all.
 I’m back from my adventure 260km across the Arctic starting in Norway and finishing in Sweden. Such an amazing week. It’s been tough we endured an Arctic snowstorm which held us at the 3 nations border for 24 hours, putting our tents up in the blizzard with winds of 25mph was fun!!!! We then set off the next day having to cover the distance of 2 days in one otherwise we wouldn’t have made it to the Ice hotel. We travelled nearly 100km in a day, the morning of which we had to take it slow and stay close as we had another blizzard to deal with!!!! After running with my dogs on and off for the week I felt I had been run over by a bus and on the last night of camping was tempted to empty my ridiculous large bag I had stupidly brought with me and sleep in that with my dogs for warmth!!!!! Saying all that it was not the hardest thing in my life that without question was when Odin passed nothing could ever be as hard as that day and this trip was for him so I just accepted everything that came my way. I felt I had found myself again after he passed and I know he was with me by my side. Even though I was feeling tired sore and severely dehydrated I felt great and loved every minute of it. My dogs were incredible and I feel really privileged to have joined their team for the week. I have met some wonderful people and we had such a great group on this challenge who made me laugh so much. Missing Norway and missing my lovely boys Igloo, Sparky, Lubbe and Cosmo thanks guys X For you Odin love you always my angel XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”

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