Is hunting your dog’s favourite hobby? Is their prey-drive a constant battle for you? If it is, then this course is for you.

This is the ONLY workshop of it’s type in the UK. It is long-awaited and as such tickets will go ridiculously quickly so please don’t hang about to book your slot (on either the Saturday or the Sunday) thinking that September is such a long time away. I guarantee, only those who book ASAP will be lucky enough to get a place as numbers are limited.

So, what is Predation Substitute Training?

Predation Substitute Training is basically a new way of managing your dog’s predatory behaviour.  Is HUNTING your dog’s favourite hobby? Instead of spoiling the fun, why not go hunting together! Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could find a way to use the huge amount of motivation and pleasure that our dogs find in predation for our training and to intensify our relationship with our dogs? Most conventional training programs aim to interrupt and stop the dog’s predatory behaviour, either by a recall or by conditioned pain or fear. Inflicting fear or pain is unethical and the interruption of predatory behaviour by a positively established recall is often not really very successful. The problem common to both methods is that they work against the dog’s nature and what they actually want at that moment: to go for a hunt! Predation is an inner need that makes our dogs happy. Completely suppressing it is like putting a lid on a pot with boiling water: It only increases the pressure.

In our workshop we are going to focus on the theory and to then go forward and practice on:

• What is predation, why do dogs love to prey and why is predatory behaviour so hard to interrupt?

• How can we achieve that our dogs stop and control themselves instead of chasing after the game?

• How can we functionally reinforce our dogs by naming and announcing rewards?

• How can we find ways to practice predatory sequences together with our dogs in a controlled and safe environment?
Please note: Wildlife safety is a top priority in this training! It is forbidden to chase wild animals and disturb them. During our workshop we stay on forest and country trails and secure the dogs with a longline all the time.

Brought to you by one of the UK’s top trainers.
Devised & written by one of German’s top trainers.
ALL profits going directly to Ridgeback Rescue.