Flat Reggie



Flat Reggie just adores adventures and we’d love to see him visit as many people and places as possible and get him “going viral” across social media.

If you’d like to join in, just take him with you wherever you go……….

  • Selfie him with any famous people you meet or at special places you travel to (maybe a gig, a landmark, on holiday … or even down the pub!) and keep a note on the bottom of all the places he’s been;
  • Each time you get a new Reggie picture, just Tweet, Instagram or FB them with the hash tags #ReggieRidgeback #RidgebackRescueCoUK #ReggiesAdventures and we’ll all get to share in his travels.

We will of course be featuring a favourite picture from each week as the banner on our FB page so GET INVOLVED and lets see where Reggie takes you.


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