IT’S PUB QUIZ TIME!!!!!!!!!!​

Join us this Friday for Ridgeback Rescue’s Pub Quiz:

The Ridgeback Arms welcomes you to our Lockdown COMPLETELY FREE Pub Quiz, OPEN TO ALL – wherever you may be in the globe. We have space for the first 50 Teams who would like to take part. The “Pub” will be open from 7:45 pm on Fridays, and questions start at 8pm UK time, so make sure you are nice and early to pour your drink at the bar, as once all 50 places are taken, the doors will be closed lol.

If you would like to take part on your PC or Laptop, you will need to have Google Chrome installed, then simply type the following link into the address bar to access the session:


If you would like to take part on your tablet or mobile device, you will need to have the 8×8 Video Meetings app installed. Once done, just use the link above to gain access to “The Ridgeback Arms”.

To play the Pub Quiz you will need:

Team Name
Pen & Paper
Alcohol or beverage of your choice
Sense of humour

Best of luck …….. and see you at the Pub!

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