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Our supporters are nothing if not inventive and come up with all sorts of hair-brained schemes to help us raise funds.  Below you will find one of our charity videos – 500 Miles by the Proclaimers.  We were delighted that Craig and Charlie Reid of the Proclaimers gave us their personal permission to use their track.  Our supporters each got a few lyrics to sing to their dogs, video’d it and sent it in to us here at Ridgeback Rescue.  The video was then pulled together with people not just here in the UK, but also as far away as Australia.  

The final product was amazing – it was fun and you could see the love that our supporters really have for their furry companions.  Each person paid £5 to be in the video and when complete, it was then sold across the globe raising well over a thousand pounds.

We will be doing more videos in the future so if you think you’d like to be involved in one too, or perhaps are a ROCK STAR reading this thinking “hell, I’d love them to use a track of ours”, then please do get in touch.



We receive no Government or lottery funding. We rely entirely on the kindness of our supporters to help support and re-home many Rhodesian Ridgebacks every year. Without your generosity none of it would be possible.

As some of our more senior rescues require a little more help in their golden years, their vet bills usually go up… several thousands more than our younger friends each year in fact! For this reason we have two “pots” for the money, as some of our supporters may prefer to help more holistically while others might wish to provide support specifically for the Golden oldies. The links to donate to either of the pots are below and to the right so you can make sure your money is going to the cause you would most care for.

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Regular or one off donations can be made by clicking the appropriate links above.

Donations may also now be made online and fundraising arranged online using Charities Aid Foundation

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Helping Our Golden Oldies

Increasingly people are surrendering veterans into our care for re-homing. Older dogs often need more medical attention due to their advanced years. With this in mind, donations are now able to be made specifically to go towards their care by clicking on the text below.

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Payroll Giving

Give As You Earn is a workplace giving scheme that enables you to give to any UK charity straight from your salary.

Donations are tax-effective because they are taken before tax is applied, which means the charity get more of your donation and it costs you, the donor less (40% saving for higher tax payers & 20% for standard tax payers).  

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EMPLOYER –  Give as You Earn

EMPLOYEE – Give as You Earn


 As the Bard of Avon would have it, it is the fate of us all, to eventually “shuffle off from this mortal coil”!

Before this inevitable consequence of life occurs, would you consider bequeathing something to Ridgeback Rescue in your will? This will help our successors to continue supporting Ridgebacks which have fallen on hard times or indeed help with your Ridgeback find a new home?

If so, please download our  LEGACY NOTES HERE