A thank you to Dorothy Grayson-Wood and the kind people at Crufts


As you know, the Ridgeback world does tend to have the most generous and supportive followers. Cast your mind back a whole 16 months (if you can remember back that far). That was Crufts, the last Championship Dog Show before Lockdown, at which the fabulous Ridgeback folks ringside donated to Ridgeback Rescue and the Rhodesian Ridgeback Welfare Trust. We haven’t been able to see Dorothy Grayson-Wood who collected the money due to Lockdown but I was delighted to be accosted by her at the Hound Association Championship Dog Show on Saturday, brandishing an envelope with £75 in it for Ridgeback Rescue. Many thanks Dorothy for collecting and hanging on to the cash for all that time and of course to the generous people who supported us with their donations.

Massive thank you from all of us at Ridgeback Rescue.

Thank you to Sara Thompson

A huge THANK YOU to the lovely Sara Thompson of SONNYPRIDE RIDGEBACKS for the wonderfully kind AND HUGE financial donation! Sonnypride recently welcomed an incredibly beautiful litter of Ridgeback puppies into the world, all of whom have now gone off to start their exciting lives with new families.

We are very fortunate that so many responsible Ridgeback breeders have been so supportive of Ridgeback Rescue and what we do. We were absolutely bowled over to receive a fabulous £1,000 donation from Sara from the proceeds of her recent Sonnypride litter. Ridgeback Rescue does not receive any funding assistance other than that which comes through donations, and this outstanding generosity allows us to continue the work we do for the Ridgebacks we look after who have fallen on hard times.

With so much talk about bad breeders (and sadly we know all to well that there are many) I just wanted to make a personal public THANK YOU to Sonnypride and all of the responsible breeders out there who make sure the puppies they produce are healthy, happy and will always have a good breeder to rely on in the background. With donations such as this, it means Ridgeback Rescue can also be a safety net, if any of them ever need us.

Amazon Smile, Easy Fundraising and the Weather Lottery

Due to lockdown, a lot of the fun ideas we would normally embark on haven’t been possible. But it’s not all doom and gloom!

There are three things that are easy (two are even free to do) that help us out massively to provide the level of care and support our rescue’s have grown accustomed to receiving.


Easyfundraising is a free add-on while you’re shopping that you might not even notice – choose our cause, visit shops and retailers online (something many people are doing right now, especially with restrictions) and shop as normal BUT Easyfundraising will donate a small amount with every purchase you make. They add up quickly and people have managed to raise a whopping £5,600 so far.

To set us as your charity follow this link and click “Support this cause” on the right of the page: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/ridgebackrescue/

Amazon Smile

Do you use Amazon regularly? In the same way Easyfundraising works Amazon Smile will donate to us for every sale they make with you from the entire Amazon site.

All you have to do is follow this link, click the yellow “Get started” button and slect “Ridgeback Rescue (Eckington, EW)” as your designated charity and start shopping: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/chpf/homepage?orig=%2F%3Ftag%3Dgooghydr-21%26hvadid%3D232361766627%26hvpos%3D%26hvexid%3D%26hvnetw%3Dg%26hvrand%3D13448881245658210391%26hvpone%3D%26hvptwo%3D%26hvqmt%3Dp%26hvdev%3Dc%26ref%3Dpd_sl_88t6ja85j9_b

Weather Lottery

We are part of the weather lottery: a small lottery with a not so small prize! You have a chance to win the top prize of £25,000. Step one is signing up and step two is getting lucky! Part of the money for entries comes directly to us so every person who enters is helping us.

The lottery results are calculated by using the temperatures from selected destinations around Europe on a particular day each week, players are assigned 6 numbers when registering that are then checked against the last 6 digits of temperatures in Fahrenheit that are published in the Daily Mail on the day of the draw.

Entries are just £1 with a max payout of £25,000, sounds like a no brainer!

Click here to join: https://www.theweatherlottery.com/charitiesHomepage.php?client=RIDGE_OTHER&NoOfLines=1

Walk For Eric

Jo, Eric’s owner, is inviting everyone to do a sponsored walk in memory of her rescue Rhodesian Ridgeback, Eric. But let’s hear her own thoughts about him………..

Everyone is invited to do a sponsored WALK FOR ERIC, between the 2nd and 17th of November 2018, or you could just make a donation to raise funds for Ridgeback Rescue. 

My beautiful boy, Eric, came into my life on 26th May 2014. Over the years our bond grew stronger, so much so that we could read each other’s thoughts, body language and mood. Eric’s favourite place was next to me on the sofa. He would let me know what he wanted by staring at me and then walking over to his blanket and nudging it with his nose, which was the signal for me to cover the sofa so that he could climb on. He even tried sitting on the edge of the sofa which was so funny to see. Eric saw me through some very difficult, troubling and low times.

He brought a sense of light, comfort and joy into my life, with his quiet, gentle but mischievous character. Eric was loved by everyone who knew him and would be the first one to greet them at the gate as they arrived. He was part of the family. I was devastated when Eric died, but I am grateful that he had a beautiful final day, playing with his toys and with visits from his neighbours, family and friends. Eric died peacefully, in his favourite place on the sofa and with his head on my knee, as I stroked his ears.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had Eric and, as heartbreaking as it is, now that he has gone, I would not have missed all the fabulous times I had with him. I will be forever grateful to Ridgeback Rescue and all the work that they do.

Thank you Jo

Donations may be made here…..