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Zoe and Nala

Zoë & Nala home from Crufts

Zoë (YoYo) on the right; now 5 she's been with us since she was 18 months old. Rescued as an epileptic, her future looked uncertain. She is now stable and after regular and ongoing treatment remains so.

YoYo as her nickname states, refers to her ability to bounce uncontrollably when she's excited, which is quite often, even though her medication is supposed to "slow her down a bit." Her main interests are, food, meals, eating, nourishment, sustenance and bin bags containing all of the above. Her most recent conquest being that of a 5lb roast chicken, left carelessly unguarded by her humans (naught left, but a grease spot on the floor). She is very predictable and dependable as well as being fiercely protective of HER pack. Just turn around on a walk--------and she's there.

Unlike Nala (NooNoo) on the left, who is only 2 and needs to be regarded as "not quite all the time off the lead just yet." Like a typical teenager she will boldly go where others fear to tread, because she thinks she knows better. She is wonderful fun, but has taught us to "think Ridge" which means we have learned to sense: rabbit, deer, cats, squirrels, pheasants and guinea fowl from three fields away. Walks are a combination of ultra alertness and sheer beauty as she runs off the lead.

NooNoo is not strictly a rescue but more of a re-home. Her previous humans loved her very much but their location was logistically difficult to keep her contained within a large garden. She inevitably was able to escape, became pregnant and had a litter to a boxer with her first season and was branded as a livestock worrier (as well as a Harlot). She has now, however, after plenty of lead and loose authorised contact with livestock (we have a very healthy relationship with all the surrounding farmers and gamekeepers), become safer, more reliable and less likely to chase and, more importantly, as with Zoë, return when called even when they're "off on a scent." She is gentle and affectionate, an expressive dog who responds well to firm kindness.

She and Zoë adore our daughters and our miniature Dachshund, but together they form a formidable team that leave no square metre of field, coppice of gorse unexplored. They come back and bunch up when trouble is around the corner and stay close when it's called upon them.

One of life's pleasures is watching two very alert Ridgebacks, close together, off the lead in a large grassy field, their coats glossified and made strikingly beautiful by the orange evening sun. We have found that after living with 4 ridgebacks over ten years or so (we only have rescues) ownership/guardianship is rewarding so much that all their little idiosyncrasies fade away to not being an issue after all it's all the fun part of being "doggy."
Most ridgeback owners will agreed with us that our dogs faithfulness is second to none and along with their fiercelessness comes a great gentleness and a love of home and family life.

Howard & Sarah Parker

Thanks to Carol and Barrie Davies of RRWT for support and making all possible.

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