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My New Bed
My New Bed
Hello, my name is Xena and I am two years old, I want to tell you about my new family and friends.

In February I was taken from home by some strangers and I was very frightened, although they didn’t seem to want to hurt me.  They took me to a place called Kennels where I stayed for a few weeks.  One day in March two people came to see me, the lady was alright but I was scared of the man, they decided that they wanted to take me home with them.  They had another dog with them, she was a Black Labrador and her name was Cassie, she was very nice and I wasn’t frightened of her at all.  I was really scared when they put me in the back of their big black car and I cried for the first few miles.  When we joined what they called the Motorway, we had to stand in a queue of traffic for three hours because there had been an accident somewhere.  The Man and Lady (I now call them Mum & Dad) weren’t very happy but I decided it wasn’t too bad in the back of the car so I went to sleep.  I had been called Dream in my other home but I didn’t like it much and mostly I didn’t answer to it, now I’m called Xena and I like that so when they call my new name I take notice.

When we got to the place I now call home, it was dark, so I couldn’t see much of the garden but my new Mum took me round it on the lead so I could have a good sniff about.  Then we went into the house, I had a good run around and went into all the rooms to check them out, I couldn’t find any stairs so it must be a Bungalow. 

Me and Cassie
Me and Cassie
They gave me a nice dinner and showed me where I would be sleeping.  It was a nice bed with a nice soft cushion in it and I discovered that I didn’t have to sleep in a kennel any more; I shared a room with Cassie.

The first night I was a bit upset when it was bedtime and I cried for a long time.  Eventually Mum got up and took me round the garden again, I felt a bit happier when we came back in, especially as Mum forgot to lock the conservatory door and I was able to sneak in there and sleep on the settee.  They didn’t tell me off though, they just laughed at how clever I’d been.

After I’d been here a few days Mum & Dad’s two sons came, I barked at them at first but then I decided they were OK.  I’d discovered by then that Dad was really nice and not scary at all, and Neil and Johnathan were just as nice.  Now I’ve met lots of people and a few dogs, I have to check them out carefully but then I find they’re usually alright and don’t want to hurt me.

XenaWhen I first came here I didn’t know that I was supposed to go to the toilet outside and sometimes they kept me out so long that I had to do it outside, sometimes though, even if we’d been for a long walk, I managed to hold on till we got home and then I would do it in the house.  They didn’t seem very pleased at that, then I realised that when I went to the toilet outside in the garden or when we were on a walk, they told me I was a good girl and gave me a little biscuit but if I did it in the house they said I was naughty and I didn’t get a biscuit.  Now I’ve decided it’s best if I go when we’re out.

I heard Mum and Dad say that I was the 6th Ridgeback they’d had, so they seemed to know what to do to make me happy and I’ve settled in really well now.  I love it here, I hope no strangers come and take me away again.  Every day we go for quite a long walk and now that they know I’ll come back to them when they call my name, they let me have a good run around in a field before we set off for home again.

XenaApparently we are going on what they call a holiday next weekend.  We are going up to the Scottish Highlands for three weeks in the Caravan, Cassie says it’s great up there and we’ll be going on lots of walks in the hills.  I’m really looking forward to it.

Thank you to Janice and Gail who made it possible to for me to come to my new family.  Mum and Dad say thank you too, they say they love me to bits and I know that’s true.


Joyce Mitchelson
May 2010




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