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Dear Mrs Ellis,

I thought you might like to know how Ty is getting on. I have enclosed some photos of the little darling. I have also included some photos of Ty's kingdom, not all of it but just enough for you to see some of his surroundings.

We had a trip to Devon on business and decided to take Ty because he loves the car and we were going to be gone all day. He has stayed at home many times in the past when we are delivering trophies, but always wants to come.

We stopped at a services for refreshments. John went into the shop and Ty did his usual studying of the door until John appeared. At the other end we had a lovely walk then 20 mins in a wonderful wood where we had a picnic. We called at Bridgewater on the way home and for the first time ever took Ty into a crowded town. He didn't bother with anyone and was extremely well behaved. I went to the loo in town and John tried to take Ty to the shop next door whilst waiting. Ty stuck his feet in and pulled towards the toilets, so John let him wait there until l came out. He is such a loyal dog.

I think Ty can still feel very insecure at times, but he is a wonderful dog who enjoys life and has a super character. He is extremely clever and very loving and playful. John taught Ty to count to three which Ty thinks is great fun. He does still growl sometimes but he turns it in to play very often.

Ty is very respectful of other living things. He has only chased a fox off his property once and he asked John first. He will never just run after things. I even showed him the pigeons in town. He makes some wrinkles and looks at them, when he's seen enough he looks away but never attempts to bite or run at anything. l have shown him dragon flies, frogs, large insects etc, whatever is in the garden at the time. He shows interest and respect for them all, or maybe he is humouring me!!!

Hope you like the photos

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