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Dear Kay,David,Lizzie and everyone else who looked after me when I lived at the kennels.

I have been at my new home for three weeks now and so far I am having a lovely time. My new Mummy and Daddy seem very nice and I have settled in well here. I had a bit of a faux-pax early on when I destroyed a blind in the kitchen and last week I had a small toilet incident in the kitchen but apart from that I have not put a paw wrong.

The first week I was here Daddy noticed that I was shaking my head all the time and I let him look in my ear and it was very very sore. I had to get back in the car and we went to The Doggy Doctors. She was very kind but they did put a soft muzzle on me while she looked in my ears. Since the visit I have had drops in my ears every day and and a twice weekly clean out of them. At first Daddy had to put a muzzle on me but now I just stand like the good boy I am and have my ear drops put in and my ears cleaned without it on.Reds







I go out twice a day. In the morning we go to the Canal and walk all along the towpath past the boats and all the ducks and swans and eventually we get to a huge field. I run in the field like a lunatic but when I am called I go back to Mummy and Daddy. In the evening we just go round the village and I am getting used to different noises and smells. I have met lots of other dogs on my walks but we stand to the side and Daddy makes sure I can't get into any bother with them but I pull a bit to get to see them and I have managed a bit of bottom sniffing with a few and all has gone well.

Today we were out for a long time and I am sending you some pictures as well as some others of me in my new home. I had a big test at lunchtime because three strangers came to lunch. I growled a little bit at first but soon got used to them being here. I will still only let Mum and Dad touch the top of my head and I still shy away but I am getting more confident each day. I miss you all but I know that I will be well looked after here and that I will have a good life, plus I enjoy sofa's, radiators and best of all I know my new Mummy and Daddy love me.

Lots of Love
Reds x x

October 2012



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