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Mia in Her New Home

An Update on Mia

A little over five months ago we lost our beloved Rottweiler Roxanne, we were both broken hearted; Roxanne was also a rescue dog and our fourth Rottweiler. We then decided that's it, no more dogs, can't stand the pain of losing another one.

Three months later whilst visiting friends in Holland, the owner of the bar we were in had a large male Ridgeback lying in the bar, Jenny said to me "I wouldn't mind one of those what a lovely dog". We had lived in South Africa so knew a little about the breed but  not a lot. On our return home we looked on the internet, did some research, filled in the forms and the next thing was Chris Vincent came and did a home check and gave us lots of helpful advice on owning a Ridgeback. Janice phoned to say we could go to Bolton and collect Mia, so on a very wet Sunday morning we drove the hundred miles up the M6 to collect Mia.


MiaWe returned with a very timid Mia, understandably so, two strange people had turned up and taken her away from everything she knew. Fortunately Mia settled in very quickly and has quickly changed from that very timid little dog to a confident dog who is very good with other dogs and, after getting to know new people, will go to them for a fuss. Her fear of large buses and lorries is also getting better as we increase her road walks but she loves nothing better than to run free and play in the open Fields and along the Canals on the edge of our village. To see her running through the long grass is a joy to see, for us it was a big change from Rottweiler's to Ridgeback's but already we have no regrets.

We have been very lucky to have been given the chance to improve Mia's life, as she has improved ours. She is a pleasure to have around, and I look forward to Mia's enthusiastic greeting I get each day when I return home from work; no time for a cup of tea when I get in Mia is standing next to her lead ready for a run, even after being out with Jenny two or three times during the day.


MiaMany thanks to all the Rescue team in bringing us and Mia together and as Chris said to us on her home visit "you will never be happy with just one, once you own one you will want another". Well I think that day is fast approaching!


Colin & Jenny Farmer
December 2009







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