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MeaWe lost our dog Harley last November and after twelve really great years it broke our hearts, literally. Christmas and new year were the worst we have ever spent. I cried every day for my best friend and still get a lump in my throat now. We all believe that our dogs are the best ever and it was no different with Harley, you ridgeback owners understand it because of the total loyalty and devotion we get of out of our dogs.

So with some worrying thoughts, like is it to early for another dog, could I give it the love that the dog would need, I rang Janice and made a date to visit the kennels. My son, Darren, and I stood in the office at the kennels, I with tears in my eyes listening to the dogs barking, my mind was in an utter mess, totally confused as to whether I was doing the right thing. And then Ann brought out Mea, the smallest ridgeback I had seen. She was skittish and barked a few times before saying hello and I knew this girl was for me. I asked Darren, do we need to see another dog? The answer......  no.

From that moment on the love affair with Mea began, oh I still grieved after Harley, but Mea galloped straight into our lives with a hundred and fifty per cent effort. She is the most loving little dog, always having to touch us, probably for reassurance, the look in her eyes tells it all, she just melts you.

Mea at the runAt first she was very skittish with other people but that is slowly dying away. She is very wary with other dogs, but time will heal that as she wants to make friends with them, but probably due to her past, does not know how. She is partly deaf due to an untreated infection in her past, but these are problems that we are overcoming. Mea loves to run once she hits the beach, or in the fields and moors she is off. We can be out all day and she will not stop running, you don’t need me to tell you what a beautiful sight it is to see a dog be so happy, and what do I get in return, a big wet face!

Mea on the dunesTaking a dog from the rescue centre is the most rewarding thing that I have ever done. All ridgebacks are so loyal they do not deserve to be in that situation, it has to be one of the kindest gifts that you can give a dog, a new home and the assurance and love that they deserve. Mea can never replace Harley, I would not ask that of her, but she is right up there alongside him. She has given me a new lease of life, boy do we love her.

Dave Massey
10th March 2009


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