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Jack & Bella

Hello Janice

We don't think you will remember us, we adopted Jack in 1999 to be a companion for Bella our ridgeback who then was nearly 2


We have had a wonderful life with the terrible 2...   Jack if you recall had a few behavioral issues which with your help and a super behaviorist you put us in contact with ....solved it,  it was food ...he was a gluten free chap and it was once we resolved this he changed from a frog to a prince...

Just to update you after 9 years of sheer joy Jack died last October 2007 he was we think 13... he had bad kidneys, not many teeth left and after many operations we couldn't do no more... Bella who loved Jack from day one missed him dreadfully but we couldn't find it in our hearts to get another dog as we felt so sad and still do at his loss...Bella grew old quickly...she had many skin allergies and bad arthritis she  was nearly 10 and died in July this year...


We have been saying we will write to tell you but keep forgetting and time moves so fast  We are addicted to ridgebacks and miss them slopping on the sofa like teenagers our kids now 20, 15 and 16 all grew up with the terrible 2 and they are still our main chat around the table...   We have spoken in depth about adopting again as our large home is very empty but we have builders in and a large extension underway so till next year this will go on hold or until we crack under the strain of having too much space on the sofa or no toys to trip over or even going for a long walk and missing chasing after them as they mow down a passing dog while wagging their tales and licking the poor dog and owner to death and we miss yelling its ok they want to say hello not kill you.....

We check your site regular and chat about the ones who need our fire then we stop and say next year.....after the works done...


So, you will hear from us shortly to be put on your books again for our next addition.....or perhaps 2.....   We wanted to touch base, say a big THANK YOU  a good 9 years of sheer joy from Jack all down to you...

Kind regards
June and Mark Milner
11th November 2008



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