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Hello everyone, my name is Elsa and this is me with my mum actually standing in the judging ring on Ridgy day at Crufts. This has been one special day, mainly because I'm a rescue ridgy and thought I'd never get the chance to be here! ! Let me tell you about my day ! ! It all started the day before when I had to have a bath - A BATH IN MARCH ! - Anyway, I was standing behind the bar in my mum and dad's pub and all the customers kept mentioning this word tomorrow.

They kept saying how lovely and fluffy I looked and how I had to be on my best behaviour TOMORROW ? ? The next morning my mum turned up at 9.30 ( bear in mind this is Sunday and she never gets up before 10.30!). She grabbed my lead and my best water bowl and we headed for the car - this was very strange, the only time I go out in the car normally is if I have to go to the vet's. As she'd disturbed my essential beauty sleep, I got comfy on the back seat and nodded off again.
About an hour later we pulled up and all I could see were lots of other dogs and their owners. We then had to queue up and I got on a coach - never had to do that before. I was beginning to wonder if this day could get any stranger - but oh boy - yes it could - and it did because next thing we were off the coach and in this huge hall which was very hot and very noisy. We rushed through 2 more halls until mum finally said "we're here."

Suddenly I was surrounded by more ridgys and people wanting to stroke me, and talk ridgebacks with my mum. There was a lovely big bed in our corner plot so I settled down for a snooze (being an old lady I felt it was my right) but no, people kept talking to me -just like being in the pub! ! We stayed there for about an hour and a half, my mum had a great time and kept saying what a good girl I'd been - aren't I always! We left our little corner, and wandered over to the ridgy judging ring, where I found this gorgeous young dog called Archie (wish I'd have been a bit younger). Had a natter with him, then we sat down to watch the rest of the judging - some of those dogs are a bit hunky but a bit on the lean side for me - my mum says I'm just cute and cuddly!!

Once all the judging was over I suddenly found myself in the judging ring itself! Never ever thought I'd be able to do that so had a couple of photos taken for posterity - think my mum had a bit of a tear in her eye too! What a wonderful day we had - mum says we've been invited back next year - I can't wait! See you all next time.


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